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We’re expecting a bit of lull in the action this weekend, you know, with it being Thanksgiving in the United States and all. Thanksgiving was over a month ago, but whatever. Anywhoo, there’s really no better way to keep things fresh on a baseball blog during a holiday than to recycle some old animated GIFs.

Getting Blanked is celebrating (American) Thanksgiving with GIFs. We lead this post by giving thanks for Tim Lincecum. Timmy the best, and this is not up for debate.


Umpire is thankful for his protective cup

Ian Desmond is thankful for batting helmets

The Chicago Cubs are thankful for Bocce

Strasbros are thankful for Natitude

The Boston Red Sox are thankful the 2012 season is over

Roger Clemens is thankful for Rusty Hardin and his legal team

Bryce Harper is thankful that Brett Lawrie didn’t kill him

The Houston Astros are thankful they’re not moving to Triple-A

Brandon Phillips is thankful for being a BAWSE

Omar Infante is thankful David Cooper didn’t just tag him

Comments (27)

  1. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  2. Seriously, why didn’t he just tag him?

    • I’m thinking he should have tagged him, but then again I’m not a pro ballplayer…

      … Yet.

      • If he had tagged Infante, would that have made an out and deprived the Tigers of a baserunner? I ask because it appears that he would have been more likely to be able to tag Infante with his glove than to reach the base with his foot. That’s some pretty advanced metric stuff though so i might be wrong.
        Probably Cooper should have just hit some RBI.

  3. Anyone notice that Clemens looks a little bit like Meatloaf. Also doesn’t that ball look like it hits the umpire below the crotch…more on the upper left thigh.

  4. Why the motherfuck didn’t he just fuckin’ tag that motherfuck?!?!

  5. See, here’s where I’m confused. I must have missed DJF that week because I can’t tell who is mocking whom anymore.
    Shouldn’t he have tried to tag him?
    Now I feel self conscious.

  6. That last GIF is really confusing. Why didn’t he just tag him?

  7. Perhaps the easiest thing to do would have been to tag him with your chin, but what do I know.

  8. Some jokes aside… why didn’t he just tag him?

  9. I’ve watched that gif continually since August 22nd. Its about 4 seconds long – so I’d say 1,965,600 times, and in conclusion – I’m stumped as to why he didn’t just tag him.

  10. The Met batter should have been called out for not running in the batter’s lane vs the Houston follies a la JPA this past year.

  11. Harper is looking for the license plate of the Molson Canadian truck that hit him.

    • I dunno, it really looks like Harper was throwing his shoulder into it just as much as Lawrie, it didn’t even alter his slide much. Seems like if Harper wasn’t fully expecting to mash bones he would have gotten knocked into the dugout haha.

      Seriously though seeing these two young dudes fight so hard for possession of a base makes me so, so happy for the future of baseball. Studs everywhere.

    • He’s probably also wondering how Lawrie was still standing after he TRIED to shoulder check him before sliding.

      Your Answer: Lawrie’s Canadian; mostly likely played contact hockey at some point in his life

  12. Does Roger Clemens cut his own hair? Just fucking terrible.

  13. Tag didn’t he why him?

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