Rays Extend Evan Longoria

The Tampa Bay Rays announced that they have extended Evan Longoria through the 2022 season, with a club option for 2023.  The new deal incorporates Longoria’s earnings for 2013-2016, and extends an additional six-years at $100 million.

Longoria, of course, has been serving the Rays on what’s probably the most team-friendly contract in baseball since he hit the Majors in 2008. The all-star third baseman inked a six-year, $17.5 million deal with the Rays prior to making his Major League debut in 2008. The Rays hold team options worth $7.5 million, $11 million, and $11.5 million for 2014-16. Longoria’s 2013 salary is $6 million, thus he’ll earn $136 million though the end of his new extension, 2023 option excluded.

Longoria appeared in 74 games last season, missing a significant chunk of time with a left hamstring injury. He produced well when he was healthy with a .289/.369/.527 line and a .378 wOBA. Injuries have been a problem for Longoria throughout his career as he has appeared in 150 or more games just twice in five seasons. Longoria underwent surgery on his hamstring on November 20, but he is expected to be ready for Spring Training.

Rays principal owner Stuart Steinberg on the announcement, via ESPN:

“We drafted Evan in 2006 with the belief that he and the organization would grow with each other and together accomplish great things. That is why the Rays and Evan signed a long-term contract in 2008, and it is why we are extending our commitments today. Evan has clearly become a cornerstone player and a fixture in our organization. We are proud of what we have accomplished these past seven years, and I expect the best is yet to come.”

The Rays selected Longoria third overall in the 2006 MLB  Amateur Draft. In five seasons he holds a 276/.361/.516 triple-slash line to go along with 130 home runs.

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  1. He must really like Tampa Bay, or enjoys being perpetually underpaid

    • It’s an underpayment, but to lock up 136 million dollars for the rest of your career is not something to scoff at. Especially when you’re a bit injury prone.

    • or perpetually under taxed

    • As an injury prone player, a 6 year extension to your current deal when your current deal is 3 years from expiring, has to have its appeal.

    • /agree with Matt_CC… Anything can happen in 10 years. It’d be tempting to take the sure thing, when it’s as sweet as 100+ mil.

  2. Evan Longoria is not a greedy dude. Already had the most team friendly deal in all of baseball and now he’s again giving Tampa good value. Tampa using the extra tv money to extend their franchise player, hopefully he has a full no trade claus because this guy deserves it.
    100 million is alot of money, but if he stayed healthy and became a free agent he’d get more in my opinion. Looking at the last contract he singed I know Tampa had some risk because he hadn’t played in very many game when they extended him, but dude was worth a hell of a lot more….. most underpaid palyer in the MLB before this deal.

  3. When confronted with years now or possibly dollars later, most players take the years now. I believe it’s usually the smart play. Anybody from Dontrelle Willis to Kelly Gruber can tell you that stuff happens, and Bobby Bonilla would let you know he never has to worry about stuff happening.

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