Welp. It isn’t a PED in that will doom him to a lifetime of scorn but it looks like Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz had something in his system, as the MVP candidate now faces a 25 game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy.

Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports this was Ruiz’s second failed test for Adderall, a drug best known for ADHD treatment.

Under MLB’s program, Ruiz was subject to six unannounced follow-up tests over the 12 months after the initial violation, in addition to the standard random testing. A first positive test for a stimulant, unlike steroids, does not result in suspension. Instead, the increased testing is implemented. Ruiz would be suspended for 80 games should a third positive test emerge.

Athletes have used Adderall as an energy boost. The drug has been blamed for a recent rash of NFL suspensions.

The double-edged sword of drug prohibition – they can only ban drugs so quickly, players determined to gain an edge — real or perceived — will find a viable alternative while the policies clamp down on last year’s drug. More than nine percent of players in 2011 received medical exemptions for “Therapeutic Use”, which is totally just a coincidence and anyone whose job requires intense mental focus is very much more likely require drugs for Attention Deficit Disorder.

The Phillies ageing roster doesn’t need any more hurdles to jump as they attempt to make One Last Run to the post-season. Ruiz only misses 25 in April but the Rays, Angels, and even the Phillies themselves will attest to early season games counting all the same as games in September.

Ruiz apologized to his teammates via an union statement. I would not want to be in the room when he must explain himself to Roy Halladay in person. Death stare to end all death stares, Chooch. You know you messed up then.

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  1. Wilson for Halladay, book it!!!1!

  2. I just wish Chooch was having a Hall of Fame career. That way we could laugh at the voters keeping him out for doing a drug that every player from the 60s and 70s did.

  3. The suspension length depends on the drug you take? I thought it was minimum 50 games no matter what

  4. Bob McCown suggested on Monday that Adderall might be being used as a masking agent.

  5. Shit, Ruiz got suspended for Adderall? I know people that take that like candy, what a joke. I swear they should just allow baseball players to take whatever they want, and let them hit the ball 600 feet

  6. He should have just set up a website to make it look like he took it by accident.

  7. The whole drug policy with sports is becoming a joke. I’m sure if you chugged 2 Red Bulls, you would fail their test, but if you actually take enhancers, it doesn’t show up

  8. ‘which is totally just a coincidence and anyone whose job requires intense mental focus is very much more likely require drugs for Attention Deficit Disorder.’

    no baseball player, no matter how tedious and intense the job, ‘requires’ a drug to perform. this is not science; it’s not even writing end of term essays. . . .

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