Justin Ruggiano was one of the few bright spots for the Miami Marlins in 2012. At the age of 30, the career minor leaguer turned out a good season at the plate (.313/.374/.535 in 320 PA) while bouncing between all three outfield positions over 91 games. Ruggiano, apparently, has his eyes set on a regular gig for 2013.

The Marlins outfielder took issue with this speculative tweet from Ken Rosenthal:

Ruggiano, who either has a great sense of humour or an elevated sense of self-efficacy, responded jestingly:

Not that Ruggiano is out of line to suggest he can handle the job. It’s not like Juan Pierre, who’s probably best suited for rover, or Logan Morrison pose a threat to his defensive abilities.

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  1. As long as he plays for mimimum wage, he has a job with the Marlins

    • More like server’s wage, with Jeffrey Loria offering you “tips” about not eating yellow snow and such. Cheap bastard.

  2. I do not blame him for wanting to keep his job. I would probably be pissed at Rosenthal too. I know it is a business but it cannot be easy hearing in the news people calling for your replacement.

  3. proves what a bunch of dicks the marlins truly are

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