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You may have seen the above image floating around the internet over the past few days. It features two wild coyotes running around/searching for food outside Wrigley Field in Chicago. Everyone had their fun and made their jokes and then went on with their lives.

Except the coyotes, who we can only assume knew first.

The Associated Press ran a story yesterday claiming the coyotes are “kind of chilling” at Wrigley Field. Which, if we’re being honest, is pretty awesome.

Not awesome in the “wild animals lacking real habitat and food sources reduced to scrounging for garbage” way brought to our attention by Answer Dave of Big League Stew, but awesome in the “coyotes!” kind of way. Any and all jokes about Rob Deer joining the Cubs the same week wild coyotes show up on Waveland Avenue are pretty much gravy at this point.

As far as places to hang out, one can do much worse than Wrigelyville. In fact, our dear friend Kevin Kaduck wrote just such a book, detailing his days hanging out in Chicago and going to Cubs games.

Hopefully the coyotes escape specific harm in Chicago and the good people of Wrigleyville can go back to their carousing and carrying on. Unfortunately for the Cubs, the puns and cheap jokes will continue until Jed Hoyer and his shadowy overseer can get their rebuild project into full gear. As much sense as Scott Feldman makes, he isn’t about to lift the pall hanging over the House the Old Style Built any time soon.