The New York Mets are reportedly set to make David Wright the highest paid player in franchise history. Wright and the Mets have come to an agreement on a seven-year, $122 million deal which, coupled with the 29-year old third baseman’s $16 million 2013 option, pushes his total earnings up to $138 million through 2020. Johan Santana’s $137.5 million contract signed in 2008 previously represented the Mets’ richest contract. WFAN’s Ed Coleman broke the Wright extension news early Friday morning.

Wright enjoyed his best season since 2008 last year, posting a .306/.391/.492 batting line, with a .376 wOBA and 21 home runs. Wright’s 7.8 fWAR in 2012 is the highest total he’s registered since 2007 when he finished sixth in MVP voting with a 8.8 fWAR.

The average annual value of Wright’s contract is just over $17.4 million, about $800,000 more than both Evan Longoria and Ryan Zimmerman will earn on their six-year, $100 million extensions with the Tampa Bay Rays and Washington Nationals, respectively. I wrote about all three third basemen and how the compared earlier this week.

The Mets should hardly be considered a contender in the National League East just yet, but the Wright extension is a strong indication to Mets fans from owner Fred Wilpon that the club is committed to fielding a winner down the road. An extension or trade involving R.A. Dickey will presumably be the next order of business for the Mets.