Mark Monday December 3rd, 2012 on your calendar as the day that Vin Scully will grace Twitter with his presence. For one day only, Scully is set to take over the Los Angeles Dodgers official account.

The 84-year old broadcasting legend’s relationship with Twitter, to this point, could probably be best described as ‘by proximity’. Scully, somewhat infamously, attempted to read a tweet from Shane Victorino during a broadcast last season. Adorable hilarity ensued.

Whether or not Scully will rely on his unique brand of anecdotal musings remains to be seen. 140 characters is far too few for Scully. Dodgers fans, and all baseball fans for that matter, are being encouraged to submit questions for Scully to respond to from the @Dodgers account. It’s more likely that Scully will stick to answering fan submitted queries, although, it would be much more entertaining if Scully resorts to some subtle barbs, like this classic: “Sometimes it seems like he’s (Bobby Bonilla) playing underwater.”

Scully celebrated his 85th birthday on Thursday. Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times checked in on Scully to see what he was doing for the occasion, to which Scully replied: “It’s quiet and peaceful, and I’m reading a good book — ‘Unbroken,’ by Laura Hillenbrand — on this soft day”.

h/t Eye on Baseball