Remember last week when the “unchecked glee” meter on your computer nearly exploded when reports of Derek Jeter’s rapid weight-gain first surfaced? Those were the days. In a new, NOT AT ALL RELATED TO THAT TABLOID REPORT photo op with Harold Reynolds of MLB Network, Derek Jeter appears alongside the ageless former Mariner looking rather…trim. Jeter-esque in his sinewy goodness, at any length.

There is also no doubt in mind that even in this candid moment, Derek Jeter smells not unlike rich mahogany and his skin resembles that of a newborn bebe. The Captain is back, friends. Act like you knew.

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  1. If Harold Reynolds improves your credibility, it is official…you are a douche…

  2. Darn….I was thinking that jeter was giving us late 30′s guys hope that we didn’t have to be in prime shape to get top looking women.

    Then I woke up and realized I don’t make 20+ million a year…

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