Day one of this year’s Winter Meetings is just about in the books, so we’re rolling out a rundown of today’s action. Don’t forget to follow @GettingBlanked on Twitter and check out our Facebook page for additional attempts at analysis and humour.

Let’s recap…

The Tampa Bay Rays signed James Loney to a one-year, $2 million deal because they just love themselves a reclamation project.

The Boston Red Sox are the winners in the Mike Napoli sweepstakes, signing the catcher to a three-year, $39 million deal. Dr. Drew broke down the Red Sox crowded catching situation.

Darren Kritzer took a look at a few less talked about deals involving Geovany Soto, Jason Marquis, Eli Whiteside, and Zach Duke. No, I swear it’s not 2008.

Over at DJF Stoeten addresses the unceasing R.A. Dickey trade rumours and how the Blue Jays may or may not factor into everything. In a companion piece of sorts, Stoeten throws some cold water on Blue Jays fans’ expectations in the Dickey race on account of a hefty asking price from the Mets.

The San Francisco Giants re-signed Angel Pagan to a four-year deal worth $40 million. Seems like a relative bargain on the surface, but keep in mind that’s at least $10 million committed to a 35-year old outfielder in 2016.

The Texas Rangers have a deal in place for Joakim Soria, pending a physical of course. Nice pick up for the Rangers, assuming Soria’s rehab goes well. The big winner here is Brian Wilson, who should seek to be paid for his 2010 performance just like Soria.

Elsewhere, Anthony Castrovince provides an update on the status of Grady Sizemore who, to the surprise of no one, will likely miss half of the 2013 season following microfracture surgery.

Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald tweets that the Marlins are in trade talks with at least two teams concerning Yunel Escobar. Ken Rosenthal, as one would expect, provided a little more clarity on the situation citing the Rays and possibly Athletics as clubs interested. In other Marlins news, Jerry Crasnick reports that Matt Sosnick, Ricky Nolasco’s agent, confirms that his client has asked to be traded.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are essentially human traffickers.

Don’t forget that you can follow all of the latest MLB transactions, rumours, and insider tweets in one convenient place with theScore’s MLB off-season tracker.

Nashville’s own…

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Comments (4)

  1. I swear Grady Sizemore is Elijah from Unbreakable….somewhere there`s a baseball player who never gets hurt….

  2. Any Kevin Youkilis becoming a Yankee rumours out there?

    If there is not, there should be.

  3. Grady Sizemore isn’t healthy even in video games, always on the DL in real and video game life. #Sizemoreprobs

  4. Word is the Phillies need a CF.

    OK, assuming they are looking for some payroll flexibility, this was rumoured to have affected their decision making last year, and we all know that they have a lot of money tied up in a handful of players, I submit the following…..

    Full disclosure, yes the player I’m going to mention would make us all very happy if he returned to Toronto, but that said, I think that this works in a level headed baseball sense, or at least I hope so.

    Rasmus (as CF solution)+Buck (as Ruiz band aide and player salary equalizer) + top arm prospect (which will be determined by either the medicals of the player I’m about to mention so from Sanchez to Osuna) ……


    You guessed it…..

    Roy Halladay.

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