Wilton Lopez is the monster from a B-grade horror monster. Just when you think he’s dead and the team of chaste heroes found his one weakness (wonky elbow), he bursts out of the abandoned hospital to pitch high leverage innings once again! After a trade between Lopez’s Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies was nixed at the eleventh hour, it now looks like Lopez is on his way to Colorado in exchange for young pitcher Alex White and a “minor league pitcher” of undetermined name and quality.

Everything that was true about Wilton Lopez two weeks ago remains true today. He throws hard and is a fine reliever, posting strong rate stats and periphials over the last two seasons. He will help the Rockies do…whatever it is the Rockies are doing out there. Alex White is an interesting piece of this trade, just as he was an interesting piece of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade two years ago. In the time since White came to Colorado, he faced charges for an EXTREME DUI and pitched quite poorly in 27 starts across two seasons.

Can the Astros resurrect the former top prospect? As seems to be their MO, arms with upside on the cheap are abundant in the Astros system. The ever-vigilant MLB Depth Charts slots White in as the Astros fifth starter.

While the prospect of starting Alex White in the American League West remains terrifying for now, if the Stros’ tall foreheads can get the former first round pick back on track they will have an intriguing young pitcher with ground ball tendencies for the league minimum. The Rockies get a good back of the bullpen piece to protect the 60 or so leads they pan to muster in 2013. Good for them.