Initiating Canadian fanboyism sequence…

Between Joey Votto’s committment to the World Baseball Classic and a bidding war for Jason Bay like it’s 2009, it’s a good day for Canadian baseball.

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  1. dingdongchingchong

  2. I don’t care if its being a fanboy. When it comes to the WBC I would love if our best players are available. Votto is the best of the bunch. Canada needs him to be there.

    A team with Votto, Lawrie, Axford, Dempster, Harden, Martin, Saunders, Diamond, Morneau, Kottaras, Aumont, etc isn’t exactly the Dominican Republic team – but it has enough MLB talent to compete with the all-star clubs.

  3. Can he play Shortstop instead of Jussell?

  4. Who is going to play SS? And 2nd? Are we talking Pete Orr?

    That last WBC final between Japan and South Korea was one of the most intense games I’ve ever watched. Ichiro was awesome.

  5. Canada might have some pretty good pitching this time around too! Very good news :)

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