It is expected that the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers will engage in a full-sclae bidding war for Zack Greinke. The Golden State versus the Lone Star State. National League versus American League. A battle of billionaires. The first causality of this war is not truth, it is Josh Hamilton and his exorbitant demands.

Baseball Insider Jon Heyman reports that, while not dead, the talks between the Rangers and Hamilton will take a back seat to the club’s pursuit of Greinke. Hamilton, as it was widely reported, is seeking a deal somewhere in the range of seven years and $175 million. Greinke, it has been suggested, is seeking to eclipse C.C. Sabathia’s $161 million contract.

Heyman notes that the Rangers have in no way given up on bringing Hamilton back, although, it’s likely they’ll aim for a four or five year deal rather than locking him up until he’s 38-years old. The club is currently focused on improving their pitching staff, and seemingly willing to throw as much money as it will take to land Greinke. Further dampening the possibility of Hamilton returning to Texas is a rumoured blockbuster trade involving the Rangers, Indians, Rays, and Diamondbacks. Ken Rosenthal alluded a potential trade in the works that would see the Rangers land Justin Upton, with James Shields, Asdrubal Cabrera, and some Texas prospects changing teams as well. Just spitballin’, really.

Whatever the case, all signs point to Zack Greinke as the Rangers top priority. A massive deal for Greinke could ultimately spell the end of Hamilton in Texas, depending on how deep into their pockets the Rangers are willing to go.