As exciting as Jeff Keppinger signing for three years is, there are rumblings coming from Nashville about a potential three or even four team blockbuster trade. Many moving pieces but Jon Heyman speculates that Arizona, Cleveland, Texas, and perhaps Tampa Bay are in deep discussions regarding some big names.

The latest from Heyman on twitter has Justin Upton going to Texas, Asdrubal Cabrera going to Arizona, Rangers prospect Martin Perez and more headed to Cleveland. Other (likely baseless) iterations of the same trade feature names like Trevor Bauer headed to the Rays with James Shields moving, possibly to Texas. Wow.

There is a lot to digest in this monster deal but the Rangers are in a very unique situation: they have money and prospects and aren’t afraid to move both to make a big deal happen. Two consecutive World Series losses cannot sit well with Our Lord God Nolan Ryan and he is determined to make it happen in 2013. Other whispers feature the Kansas City Royals getting in on the fun with Mike Olt (inexplicably) heading to KC.

A deal of this size and complexity is never easy, as reports last night seemed to indicate the deal died like the will of a Royals fan. Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers told a local radio host that multiple teams working on one megadeal tends to muddy the waters.

The Rangers seem determined to pry Justin Upton from Arizona, in addition to hedging their bets in the event they miss out on one or both of Josh Hamilton and Zach Greinke. To say Texas has multiple “irons in the fire” is an understatement, one betraying the frontier nature of their benevolent overlord. A team with designs on a World Series doesn’t let their entire off-season planning hang on one impossibly intricate trade. The Royals, on the other hand. This far-fetched trade likely covers their entire “war room” white board. Trust The Process, friends.