The 2012 Winter Meetings might not have featured a lot of huge moves but that doesn’t mean a lot of money hasn’t changed hands. A number of teams bolstered positions of significant need for the 2013 season.

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And the Rest

Geoff Baker reports the Mariners are still going hard after Josh Hamilton. If other reports are accurate, it will likely take guaranteeing a fifth year to get him to Seattle. [Eeyore's Corner at the Seattle Times]

Jeff Francis will re-join the Rockies for another kick at the altitude adjusted can. [Crasnick tweets]

The Diamondbacks insist they need either Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar in exchange for Justin Upton, which is to say Justin Upton is not going anywhere. [Bowden Insanity Inc]

Barry Larkin joins the fray demanding drug cheats be refused entry to Cooperstown. Um, Barry, using Pete Rose as a point of comparison hurts us all. [ESPN]

Cool interview with new Astros manager Bo Porter. [Fangraphs]

What the Yankees, or anyone, gets in Mark Reynolds. [Baseball Analytics]

The Royals top prospects according to Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus. More on this later [BP ($)]

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