Your smug internet snarkery needs to find a new target, jerks. Brian Sabean cares not for your slings and arrows. The San Francisco Giants general manager can go full Patrick Roy and plug his ears with World Series rings if he isn’t interested in listening to your petty barbs.

Now Brian Sabean can add “Baseball America’s Executive of the Year” to his resume, should he possess such a superfluous item as he very likely the Giants boss until the day he dies.

In his tribute to the architect of the Giants success, sharp Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly notes the difference between the two SF championship teams, calling the first “a happy accident of sorts, won by a waiver-wire band of misfits” (not coincidently, “Band of Misfits” is the name of Baggerly’s book on the 2010 Giants team.)

The second championship does seem a little more authentic, owing to a terrific core of players up the middle and a strong pitching staff. Despite his old school leanings, Sabean has two full-time stat crunching analysts on staff. To me, that is the mark of a good manager. Surround yourself with competent people and allow them to shape your opinions.

It is important to note this recognition came down before Sabean and his team of tall foreheads opted to throw $60 million at Marco Scutaro and Angel Pagan over the next four years. Even acknowledging his tendency to “keep the band together,” persistent willingness to doubt Sabes and his RAZR now is reckless and/or folly, depending on the grip.

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  1. Great post, but missed an ‘h’ in the middle of the second-last paragraph.

  2. A terrific core of players up the middle? Well Buster Posey is a gimme, but I think career seasons (or close to) out of a decent core of players up the middle would be more accurate. Don’t wanna knock the Giants because I like the team and they were loads of fun to watch, but I think “terrific” overstates the true talent level a bit.

    • Terrific core of players still applies if you remove the “up the middle” qualifier. None the less, Pagan was one of the best CFs in baseball last year (just as he was in 2010) and Brandon Crawford is no slough. Scutaro still counts as that was a wise pick up, thus the award.

      • Ya I think it was mostly the “up the middle” I was quibbling with as it ignores players that I feel are/were far more important to that core (Melky and Sandoval for example). Pagan has had a couple of excellent seasons and Crawford and Scutaro are indeed no slouches. Lot of ground between “no slouch” and “terrific” though. Anyways, I’m admittedly nit picking. Not trying to belittle the team, Sabean (although I have, often) or your writing which is always excellent.

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