Behind the strength of local broadcast dollars and a growth in attendance, baseball is doing rather well financially. Major League Baseball will reportedly see revenues of $7.5 billion for 2012, according to Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball. MLB had posted identical $7 billion revenues in 2010 and 2011.

Brown notes that, while a half a billion dollars in growth is impressive, a sharper rise in revenue is likely by 2014. New television rights deals with ESPN, FOX, and TBS will add an additional $788.3 million annually. Couple that with the Los Angeles Dodgers expected massive television rights deal and MLB could approach revenues of $9 billion.

Local television rights present quite a discrepancy between teams in larger markets compared to many of the smaller markets like Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Oakland, but MLB is in pretty good shape overall.

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  1. MLB’s new slogan- “We’ll take ALL of the monies! …Also fuck the NHL and Fehr!”

  2. Oakland’s a smaller market, eh? Remind me again how tiny the Bay Area is…

    • Their share of that huge market is tiny.

    • As someone who lived in the Bay Area and went to my share of A’s games, I can assure you the A’s are small market. Little to no coverage by the Bay Area media, tiny crowds in a terrible stadium (yes, worse than RC), and low low TV numbers… add in the fact that they play in the East Bay and it seals it. For those ever visiting or moving to the Bay Area, living in or associating your self with anything to do with Oakland or its environs is basically a ‘no-go’ for anyone in SF, Marin, on the Peninsula or in San Jose, i.e. the majority of the Bay Area.

  3. Gary: We’re going to lock out our players and shut down our league every couple of years in order to marginally grow revenues and support failing franchises. It keeps our league healthy!

    Bud: Uh, ok man. We just kinda settled the whole labour thing once in ’94 and grew the game for 20ish years. But good luck with the whole winning back your fanbase thing. Hope it works out for you.

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