Not all slideshows are created equal. No matter what Bleacher Report does, they are known as a craven content farm capitalizing on search engine optimization and general scumbaggery. Where there is Bleacher Report, there are slideshow quips sure to follow.

But when ESPN does it? Totally different story. ESPN uses the full might of its considerable resources to create reams of compelling content from what is little more than a click-baiting listicle on steroids, the ESPN 100 – ranking the 100 greatest baseball players of all time.

The list itself spins off more and more stuff to read and look it, from methodology posts to snubs and head to head breakdowns of what placed one player over this other player. Genius, really. There is only so much the hot stove has to give here in December. All those eyeballs need to be accounted for all the same.

It’s a fun little exercise and the first 25 names are up today. Roy Halladay is the only active player ranked so far (active active, as in “has a contract for 2013″ active), ahead of Curt Schilling but behind some other sepia-toned romance novel of a pitcher. It’s a fine use of 15 minutes of your time, at the very least. What are you going to do instead, work?