We live in a world where signing Kevin Youkilis to play third base is a fallback plan after missing out on Eric Chavez and Jeff Keppinger. This is a reality. The New York Yankees have signed Kevin Youkilis to a one-year, $12 million deal, pending a physical. Ken Rosenthal broke the news via Twitter.

Say goodbye to that goatee that looks like it could own and operate an ATV, the 2013 version of Kevin Youkilis will be clean shaven and clothed in pinstripes. The Yankees finally bagged someone to fill-in at third while Alex Rodriguez recovers from hip surgery.

The Yankees tabled an offer to the free agent corner infielder last week, and A-Rod himself offered an endorsement of the club’s pursuit of three-time All-Star:

Via Newsday:

“Youk has always been a tough out,” Alex Rodriguez said. “He’s a tough player, he’s a guy that’s a winning player. Whatever the franchise wants to do, I think that would be a good move for us.”

So, there’s that, whatever that’s worth. Call it phase one of operation Kevin Youkilis: True Yankee.

Youkilis is coming off of his worst offensive season, one in which he parted ways with the Boston Red Sox on less than amicable terms. “Youk” hit a paltry .235/.336/.409 in 2012 with the Red Sox and White Sox. His 10% walk rate marked the first time since 2008 that he walked in less than 13% of his plate appearances, and his .336 OBP, .409 SLG, and 1.3 fWAR all represent the lowest totals he’s registered since becoming an everyday player in 2006.

We could dwell on the numbers and obvious signs of decline here, but that would ignore the win for narrative that will adorn the front pages of newspapers in both New York and Boston tomorrow. Kevin Youkilis, the two-time World Series champion with the Boston Red Sox, has defected to the New York Yankees. Or something like that.

I like this move for the Yankees and Youkilis. It’s a one-year deal in which the player will be asked to masquerade as an everyday player for at least half a season, and then likely to bounce around between third base, first base, and possibly DH. Youkilis is not the 4-6 win player he once was, but he’s moving to an ideal situation where he’ll have an opportunity to prove he still has something left.

Oh, I can feel the bile rising in Massachusetts.

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  1. “Subtle” is not normally a term I associate with Slayer references, but here we are. Kudos.

  2. So @ <10% I guess he's now just a Demi-god of walks? Or is that just mere mortal status?

  3. 12 million, holy shitbags

  4. Never liked that shitbag Pukeilis, makes sense he joins those douchebags!

  5. Yuletide Youk he can be called now, being that the signing comes just before Xmas

  6. Who’s seen the remake of the italian job? Are the Yankees not Steve? When he has all the money he just buys what everyone else dreams of owning because they have no imagination.

    I didnt think I could dislike Youkilis more than when he was with the Red Sox,, well now I do, the only saving grace is the removal of that fucking god awful chin muff he sports. But his stupid batting stance remains.

    Ill admit, part of me like part of some of you kinda wanted to see him in a Jays uniform this season but now that he has gone to the dark side, let the hate turn to loathing as we watch him stand on the plate and still manage to have a look of anger and disbelief when pitchers brush him off.

    anyways… good signing for the New York seniors center all stars but Youkilis is only 33? looks like theyre into the young blood for this signing.

  7. I was at the Jays game vs the White Sox in August when a man sitting a section over from me suffered a heart attack. Kevin Youkilis was the only person on the field who after seeing what was going on urged the umpires to stop the game. The victim was placed on a stretcher and wheeled out along left field while paramedics continued chest compressions. Sadly, the man was never revived.

    While Youk was trying to halt the game, Jays fans in the stands loudly booed and heckled him. I will always respect Youk for doing the right thing that night. I know that I like Youk better than those fans.

    • I was at that game too. He did the right thing and I still can’t believe the idiots were screaming at him…well I guess I can believe it.

    • I had totally forgotten about that.

    • I work with the son of that man here in Waterloo and it pains me to think of him watching is father die while the game played on. Good on Youk for noticing.

  8. Man imagine if the yanks had fielded their 2013 team like 5+ years ago. Like back when arod, jeter, ichiro, texiera, and youk were actually superstars…not the bags of shit they are now

  9. Youk would have been a great platoon for Lind.

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