You can never have too many outfielders. No matter what the rules of Major League Baseball stipulate in regards to roster size; if you pay them enough money, you can field a team of 30 players with up to five players starting in the outfield.

Despite owing Vernon Wells $42 million over the next two years and contending with an outfield/DH logjam, somebody apparently thinks the Angels are making a move for Josh Hamilton. Is this idea just crazy enough to work?

In a word, no. The Angels payroll is already sky-high, with 9 players scheduled to earn $100 Mil in 2013, and the money owed to Wells isn’t going away soon. The dollars and years Josh Hamilton is sure to command would make even cash-rich-and-World-Series-mad Artie Moreno pause, wouldn’t they?

As much as this looks like a bit of gamesmanship between division rivals (if it is even true), adding a player as talented as Hamilton is never a bad idea. In an economic vacuum, of course.

The Angels starting outfield as of this moment goes Trout-Bourjos-Trumbo. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball while Bourjos and Trumbo are…limited. Combining them gives you a reasonable Josh Hamilton facsimile (big power, not a lot of walks, decent defense on the balance), without factoring the extra roster spot and inanity of that statement.

Adding Josh Hamilton is a great way to make your team better. Adding Josh Hamilton allows the Angels to trade Bourjos or Trumbo (or both, really) to add another starter – like R.A. Dickey perhaps??? Engage irresponsible rosterbation mode: now!

Rampant and close to baseless speculation but once the initial sticker shock wears off, this is not beyond the realm of possibility. It is amazing the things a team can do when they get to pay the best player in the world the minimum for the next two years. That flexibility goes a long way.

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  1. 4 yrs from now do you really want to be paying Pujols and Hamilton something like 50 million combined?

  2. YES

    Angels sign Hamilton

    Angels trade Trumbo and Bourjos (the Mets like him!) for Dickey.

    Jays intercept(!) and send Arencibia (the Mets like him too!) and some reliever for Trumbo.

    Jays dump Adam Lind’s terrible-baseballing ass.

    • Mark Trumbo is not much better than Adam Lind. Likes better music but that’s about it.

      • I dunno… Adam Lind is really bad.

        And factor in the park difference from where the Angels and Jays play… I’d take the chance.

        Then again, I’ve kind of gotten full of spite and would take the Jays just dumping Arencibia to the Angels for whatever so they could flip him to the Mets…. you know, just to make Arencibia eat crow.

        • I agree with you. If that deal came up I’d do it, though I’m not sure it will. If this all happens the name I’m going to watch is Kendrys Morales. Maybe the Angels send Bourjos plus a prospect to the Mets for R.A., keep Trumbo and deal Kendrys instead.

          Ah, rosterbation.

          • That’s a good point…

            Obviously they couldn’t get a lot back, but I’m sure the easier move for the Angels would just be trading one-year of Morales to a team like the Orioles that needs a DH.

          • And on the Dickey front, you have to imagine the Rangers will go bonkers to get him now.

    • And the North Koreans will have probably nuked the west coast by then anyway.

  3. It does make sense, but it really depends on how long a Hamilton deal would be. A 3-4 year deal makes sense and is kind of scary. If they give him a crazy 7 or 8 year deal for no real reason outside of over-bidding to ruin Texas, in a few years Hamilton and Pujols will be old, unable to field, and fighting over that DH spot.

    Also, didn’t the Angels JUST get out of an Abreu/Hunter/Wells/Trumbo/Trout/Pujols/Morales mostly overpaid and declining logjam at 3 positions that was their own doing?

  4. It only makes sense if they can flip those guys for pitching. Losing Greinke to the Dodgers hurt them a lot. Hamilton would be a nice bat to have on any team and hopefully not playing center would lesson his chances of injury. I think the whole drug alcohol thing is a problem but over blown. If anything he can hang out with his straight edge buddy on the team and they can be sober together.

    Another thing to note, Moreno, though I think he has been losing the battle as of late, is still trying to target the LA county fan base which a Hamilton signing may help do. I know that the argument that signing players doesn’t put fans in the stands has been thoroughly discussed however the fact that the Angels lost Greinke to the Dodgers makes signing a big name that much more important in the battle for So Cal. Signing Hamilton would help bolster the team as well as bolster the status of the Angels within the region.

  5. Morosi just tweeted they are nearing a 5 year deal. We’ll see if others confirm that.

  6. is reporting that the deal is done.

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