You can never have too many outfielders. No matter what the rules of Major League Baseball stipulate in regards to roster size; if you pay them enough money, you can field a team of 30 players with up to five players starting in the outfield.

Despite owing Vernon Wells $42 million over the next two years and contending with an outfield/DH logjam, somebody apparently thinks the Angels are making a move for Josh Hamilton. Is this idea just crazy enough to work?

In a word, no. The Angels payroll is already sky-high, with 9 players scheduled to earn $100 Mil in 2013, and the money owed to Wells isn’t going away soon. The dollars and years Josh Hamilton is sure to command would make even cash-rich-and-World-Series-mad Artie Moreno pause, wouldn’t they?

As much as this looks like a bit of gamesmanship between division rivals (if it is even true), adding a player as talented as Hamilton is never a bad idea. In an economic vacuum, of course.

The Angels starting outfield as of this moment goes Trout-Bourjos-Trumbo. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball while Bourjos and Trumbo are…limited. Combining them gives you a reasonable Josh Hamilton facsimile (big power, not a lot of walks, decent defense on the balance), without factoring the extra roster spot and inanity of that statement.

Adding Josh Hamilton is a great way to make your team better. Adding Josh Hamilton allows the Angels to trade Bourjos or Trumbo (or both, really) to add another starter – like R.A. Dickey perhaps??? Engage irresponsible rosterbation mode: now!

Rampant and close to baseless speculation but once the initial sticker shock wears off, this is not beyond the realm of possibility. It is amazing the things a team can do when they get to pay the best player in the world the minimum for the next two years. That flexibility goes a long way.