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Jon Heyman of CBS Sports was among the chorus of baseball insiders today who took hold of a flaccid news cycle and vigorously agitated the R.A. Dickey talks. Seems the Mets front office is wary of getting shafted by the defending Cy Young award winner’s contract demands and, rather than suffering the indignity of a free agent year walk of shame, will explore their trade options with multiple partners.

The back and forth between club and pitcher took an unexpected public turn over the last few weeks, pitting a ownership group of white collar criminals against a populist hero in a battle of words and squabble over what seems like the matter of a few million dollars.

Any trade talk is likely premature but it is important fans of the rumored teams don’t blow their oops I’ve gone too far.

The Blue Jays have catchers and outfielders, two very clear areas of Mets need. The Orioles have…three really good prospects in their system, two of which we should consider all but untouchable and one of whom they just drafted in 2012.

The Rangers have lots of talent and pretty significant motive to improve their team as their existing core ages and gets more and more expensive. How many more years of Adrian Beltre excellence are the Rangers going to get?

The Mets are handling this just as we’d expect: they have all the leverage and continue holding out for the best possible package. If that’s one the Jays can put together, it gives the Blue Jays another top of the rotation arm – one with a better track record than Josh Johnson and Brandon Morrow over the last three years.

If the Angels or Red Sox can swoop in for a player who can immediately solidify their rotation, will they hesitate to pull the trigger on some of their young & controllable players?

A lot of speculation at this moment but all the big hitters seem to hear the some rumblings. Interesting to see how this turns out. Not often an incredibly cheap Cy Young award winner is traded, at what price is the only question.


Holy crap! The plot thickens as extension talks engorge the process!