After a weekend filled with rumours, the Toronto Blue Jays are reportedly set to acquire R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets. The Blue Jays have been granted a 72-hour window to negotiate an extension with Dickey, which would effectively complete the transaction, Ken Rosenthal reports.

Straight from the horses’ finger tips:

So, this is really happening, assuming AA and Paul Beeston get the go ahead to open the vault for Dickey.

The Dickey, he don’t come cheap. The pieces reportedly moving in this reported deal, which Drew laid out last night, will clean the Blue Jays out of two of their top prospects. You pay the cost to be the boss, as a noted rapper once said. You can count on the details of the Blue Jays’ efforts to extend the knuckleballer to remain secret until there’s something concrete, unlike the uncharacteristically public shakedown of Alex Anthopoulos and Sandy Alderson’s back-and-forth over the weekend.

It’s nice haul for the Mets, one that could pay huge dividends in a few years if Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard develop as projected. Again, this is working off of what multiple outlets were reporting late Saturday. There’s still potential for Anthony Gose and/or J.P. Arencibia to be involved in this trade.

For the Blue Jays, this is what it looks like when you go all in. It’s essentially playoffs or bust for Toronto.

This post is brought to you by my mother in law’s notebook, which is the size of a ham sandwich.

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  1. My dickey is hard.

  2. BUT FOR WHAT?!?!

    • Supposedly Dickey, Thole and a B/C level prospect in exchange for Darnaud, Syndergaard, Buck, and a B/C level prospect along with some money to pay for Buck’s contract.

  3. heh heh heh… extend dickey.

  4. In all seriousness, though, I want to see the details. It’ll be impossible to evaluate the trade until we see what the extension is, if they can come to terms.

  5. the deals the deal and he’ll sign 2/$26M just like he wanted in NY. anyone mourning over prospect porn will forget it come September. we just need to remember what it feels like to win

  6. To tell you the truth, I really would like to see D’Arnaud stay a Blue Jay, and hope this deal DOES NOT happen. I just don’t think that we should give the future of the franchise for a 38 year old. D’Arnaud and Syndegaard are going to be studs and I think this deal will not be favourable for the Blue Jays as our rotation is still one of the best’s in baseball – IMO

    • Future of the Franchise LOL! If D’Arnauld is the future of the franchise, this will be a very mediocre team. I’m not sure what you are expecting from D’Arnauld, but anything more than a 15 HR per year catcher with a .330 OBP is likely a pipe dream.

    • Let’s all remember that JPA had better numbers coming out of the minors than TDA does. Until TDA and Syndy play some games in the majors you just don’t know what they’re really worth. This is what it takes to win, we still have some prospects and AA has now opened up a three year championship window. Couldn’t be happier with this orginization.

      • You also should remember that Arencibia was in his repeat season in AAA. In Arencibia’s first season at AAA his slash line was .236/.284/.444 compared to d’Arnaud’s .333/.380/.595 this past season.

      • huh.. what? Jpa’s best year in AAA he hit .301/.359/.626 and that was his 2nd season in AAA a previously noted. Why do ppl feel the need to come on boards and spill false info because they have a boner for a certain player or team?

  7. I don’t care about TDA in the deal, that’s fair for an Ace pitcher, my issue is giving up Syndergaard (the #2 prospect as well).

  8. Yeah, a catcher with knee and back problems! He’s gonna be great!

    Good Trade.

    See you in the dome for playoff folks!

  9. Love it hope they sign him up two year maybe a couple option years..

  10. Man the people commenting here are straight up dumb… You can like or dislike the deal but they “stats and facts” being thrown around are way off base.

  11. This is the reality of compiling a winning season. You have to give up something important to make it happen. Keep in mind, if this trade cements our championship competing for the next three four years I’m pretty sure we can replenish our farm system again with young talent again. The jays have one of the most extensive and complete scouting department in there mlb. There is always talent out there but this championship window doesn’t happen often

    • exactly, not like this trade means the jays have to stop acquiring prospects for the next 3-4 years.

  12. This is the price of a championship contending team . I agree that we did overpay a bit, but upgrading Happ with Dickey in the rotation is extremely valuable to us. If Ricky can have a half decent season, and Morrow does what he started off doing last year, we might actually be seeing playoff baseball this fall. Go Blue Jays!

  13. Almost 40, trick pitch, one good season.

  14. Two really good seasons, and one spectacular season!

  15. its a pretty penny to pay for dickey.

    who i do like, i just can’t imagine having to give that much up for him. Especially with Syndergaard in the picture, I cant see how TDA had to be included.

    Wish AA would have balked at the price and kept his chips for a midseason trade.

    The team doesn’t have much AAA depth, so if they encounter injuries, they dont really have much to give up to fill holes.

    What if Reyes gets hurt? or Bautista? or JPA? how can you replace those players/production with only low level minor league prospects.

  16. i know a lotta people are gonna be pissed at this deal… but honestly at this point as a toronto sports fan im just happy were finally going for it… im so fuckin tired of building and saving prospects and i feel like everybody gets wayy too attatched to prospects. Dickey is a real ACE, something we havent had in forever and our team is now outstanding on paper. Sure we lose some good prospects but seriously fuck it, our team is contending lets just be happy.

  17. Everytime I het the back button I get returned to the home page but it’s page from when the DBacks signed McCarthy’s triangle head to a deal and the Jays were honouring Delgado.
    I’m getting sick of seeing Bill Daly’s amorphous head/neck combo and his stupid looking face.
    Clear my cookies or what?

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