Get your Dickey fix! After Richard Griffin cryptically reported that negotiations between R.A. Dickey’s representation and the Toronto Blue Jays “ended successfully at an affordable rate” comes a Ken Rosenthal report that there is indeed a deal in place.

Interestingly, two years and $25 million is actually less than the last reported number between Dickey and the Mets. The next step involves Dickey travelling to the Blue Jays Spring Training facility in Florida for a thorough medical examination. After that? Official announcements and jersey exchanges and tears and parades, I can only assume.

Buster Olney reports some of the $25 Mil will come up front in the form of a signing bonus. R.A. Dickey will earn four million more dollars over the life of his career than Zack Greinke will in earn in the second year of his deal with the Dodgers – a deal that could last for the same length if Greinke uses his opt out close.

The Blue Jays pay a hefty price to obtain the services of a good bargain like Dickey. As will surely be reiterated thousands of times between now and the beginning of the season, a trade like this does not occur in a vacuum. The AL East landscape and the moves Toronto made in the lead-up to this trade make the prospect price easier to take.

Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard might well become stars. The moment this trade becomes official, that can no longer be the concern of Blue Jays fans or management. Hopefully they do just that for the Mets. This trade is about cashing in some prospect capital to win when the opportunity presents itself.

With Dickey’s modest terms, the Jays can still choose to extend Josh Johnson if they see fit or strikeout again onto the trade/free agent market if Johnson goes free. Maybe the Blue Jays go through this entire process again next winter, dangling a few pitching prospects in front of Ruben Amaro Jr. and the Phillies if their reload goes south? Cliff Lee has many years and dollars left on his deal…financial flexibility in Toronto makes that, and just about anything else, an enticing proposition.

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  1. I assume the medical examination is to confirm Dickey’s ability to wave repeatedly to fans during the post-World Series victory parade.

  2. I bet they gave him a HUGE signing bonus.
    Doubt we’ll ever find out.

  3. I’ve been so used to stock-pile-prospect-mode that it’s taken me a while to get excited about this deal. But stock-pile-prospect-mode isn’t normal for contending ball clubs, is it? The Blue Jays are now a contending ball club. Anyone else having a hard time coming to terms with that notion?

    Yes I want a World Series, but I’m equally stoked about the very real possibility that the dome will be full on a regular basis; that once again I am going to hear Jerry’s voice playing on random radios throughout the city on hot, Sunday afternoons. Thanks AA.

    • I had the same fears, but keep remembering that a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

    • i agree with this a lot.

      the jays still will draft and scout extremely well, and hopefully can continue to turn a large number of “could-be” prospects into actual MLB stars.

  4. Any idea who the “non elite” prospects who got swapped were?

  5. Is doc a free agent after 2013?

  6. Let’s acquire Dickey, let Johnson walk after the season and watch Roy Halladay not meet his 2014 vesting option, re-sign him and win ALL the World Series’!

  7. Is it April yet!!!!!!

    Bring it on

    Not that it matters but i’m interested to see how the rotation plays out one to five.

    The Jays have five guys who may think the deserve the ball on opening day


    • Gotta figure the Dickster is our opening day guy. Fresh off the Cy, not sure who else you would want up there.

      My assumption is Dickey, Johnson, Morrow, Beeurrueehhhluuee, Romero.

      Oh, I am John Gibbons btw, so I actually know what I’m talking about.

      • Gotta go Dickey Morrow Buehrle Johnson Romero. Keep’em on their toes.

        • This makes the most sense (although you could flop Morrow and Johnson around). Pretty awesome mix of powerballers, knucklers and lefies.

        • Man, I can’t stop looking at that rotation. Except Morrow, they’ve all received some Cy young votes one time or another, rock solid. I wonder if Romero can regain some of his 2011 form, or at least stop being a total shitballer. Will his ERA be closer to his FIP next year, or was there some mechanical or mental (diff. pitch selection, diff approach) that issues to be concerned about?

          • Will his ERA be closer to his FIP next year, or was there some mechanical or mental (diff. pitch selection, diff approach) that issues to be concerned about?

            Yes, probably.

  8. thinking about the Roy Halliday trade now…

    the jays have now basically dealt Halliday for RA Dickey and Anthony Gose, which isnt so terrible.

    and they ended up with JA Happ, who if you remember the Phillies didn’t want to part with. i know not many people care about Happ, but he will be a very serviceable reliever for the Jays, a guy who can go a couple of strong innings

  9. What a great day (and offseason) to be a Jays fan.
    No one has shown more #want than AA this offseason.

    2013 season can’t come soon enough

  10. Yes Dickey extended, prospect to be named…Mike Hunt

  11. sorry to burst your bubble dude… in 4 days the worlds going to end.. u really think Rogers was going to pony up all that $ with the intention to actually pay it…this is just there way to distract the many fans in canada from the aproaching Apocalypse! there just being the Sheep hurders that they are LOL

    just in case u missed the sarcasm this was a joke!

    PS. it will be nice to finally see a full skydome again.. it was quite the place back in 91-93 i still remember like it was last season the home run heard around the world when Joe touched em all to win it all! gave me goose bumps just thining of it

  12. Anyone still bummed out about losing our top prospects in this trade can relate to how Snider, Thames, and (ex-prospect) Brett Wallace is doing in their early stages of MLB.
    Welcome to the Blue Jays RA Dickey!!

    • AA has undoubtedly paid every scout in the world to overvalue blue jays prospects.

      Gamin the system like muthafucka’

  13. Gotta think Romero can put away his “I’m the ace and have to show that I really want to win” antics. Somehow his tantrums last year before he even started to really shit the bed didn’t ring true. This may take the pressure off him. Same goes for JPA and Lawrie too. They don’t have to be the young turks this year.

  14. Does any1 think that the jays are going to make another trade?? they went from stock piling prospects to stock piling starting pitchers And I’m Loving It!! They have a lot of good/great starter/reliever/closer arms maybe a trade for a serious closer is in the near future?? I like Janssen and Santos but not sold on them being able to win a WS yet… GOD U BLESS AA!!

  15. Is R.A. Dickey that guy who broke his arm and then developed a spiral pitch that was unhittable? Didn’t they make a movie starring Fred Savage about it?


  17. Bodog has now made the Blue Jays the faves to win the 2013 world series at 8-1 odds.

    LEFT, RIGHT, KNUCKLE, LEFT, RIGHT…………this is the code in MLB The Show this year to get an automatic entry into the world series!

    Dickey totally has a BJ clause in his contract

  18. I’m pumped. I hope it all works out. I’d hate to end up getting a Dickey in the Thole out of this.

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