Wade Boggs was a great hitter, as his .328 career batting average will attest to. Wade Boggs was excellent in his efforts to dodge claims of being a racist. Wade Boggs can drink 40 or more beer than you could ever possibly consume on a cross country flight. Wade Boggs has appeared in more Mr. Perfect vignettes than any other baseball player.

Wade Boggs is not a great dancer, especially from his seat at an Oklahoma City Thunder game.

Via The Hall of Very Good

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  1. Oh come on, he was joke seat-dancing! Also he kind of looks like the redneck version of the Most Interesting Man in the World. (He doesn’t always dance, but when he does, it’s badly and from his seat an NBA game.)

    • Really? I thought he looked more like an aged, though equally sexually disturbing, Danny Bonaduce.

      • I thought he looked like a slightly older version of Richard Karn (Al Borland from Home Improvement)

        • Ill teach u al borland, he looks more like a shaved chimpanzee, with his nice, juicy, plump brain. Full of so much information

          and that bear, oooh, that is 1 spicy meatball

  2. Did you guys miss covering Nakajima being signed?

  3. How many beers had he drank at that point?

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