The Angels said they wanted an inning eater in exchange for Kendrys Morales and it appears that is exactly what they got. The Angels outfield/DH logjam is a little clearer now as Jerry Dipoto shipped out his most expendable bat – a DH with only one year remaining on his contract – in exchange for a reliable back of the rotation arm in Jason Vargas.

Vargas is the type of pitcher who benefited greatly from his time spent in spacious Safeco Field – until the home run ball caught up with him. After posting two consecutive seasons of 200 innings of league average-ish 4.00 FIP ball, Vargas allowed 35 home runs in 2012. Like Morales, Vargas is a free agent at the end of the season.

Kendrys Morales is tough to figure. After missing nearly two full seasons with injury, Morales posted solid numbers in his first season back, though his .339 wOBA is a far cry from his level of production before breaking his ankle celebrating a walkoff victory. He did manage 22 home runs in 522 plate appearances in 2012, getting playing time at first base though he is basically a DH at heart.

The Angels get an insurance arm to add to their collection of not-super-great starters, players all hoping to benefit from Mike Trout and Peter Bourjos‘ home run stealing prowess. The Mariners get some pop in the sadsack lineup, though the ongoing presence of Jesus Montero suggests Seattle wants Morales to play first base just about every day.

Morales is all but guaranteed to provide significant upgrade over Mike Carp – but what about Justin Smoak? John Jaso? Though the relative quality of these players shouldn’t mean any of them are promised anything other than a warm meal and a clean bed.

Does this mean the Angels are set? Mark Trumbo probably has a job every day now but the Angels are still paying their fifth outfielder $21 million this season. The Angels shopping might not be done, as this rotation still doesn’t look like a World Series contender to these eyes.

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  1. man the jays road got tougher

  2. The Jays need John Jaso so badly…he is a STUD. 394 OBP!!!!! Drool….

  3. 50%+ home runs allowed and a lower era. That’s some neat run prevention there

  4. So, do they still have one of thier Kendrys’s left? I dont get it…

  5. DK reference makes post.

  6. Vargas sucks away from Safeco.

    I don’t understand what the Angels are thinking by doing this…. could they not get anything better for Morales? He has some question marks, sure, but he came on pretty strong at the end of last year.

    Kind of makes the Hamilton signing less of an addition for the Angels. I think that they’re quite a bit worse this year. Plus, they helped the Mariners get a decent bat, and they’ll have to play against them 15 times next year.

    Just doesn’t make sense.

    Apparently the Vernon Wells trade did not teach Dipoto about the importance of home/away splits.

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