Kevin Youkilis did the unthinkable this month when he agreed to join the New York Yankees on a one-year contract. After playing all but 80 of his 1033 career games for the Boston Red Sox, this caused many to wonder about Youkilis’ makeup. What kind of a man is he, after all? Luckily, our very own Craig Robinson was able to get to the bottom of this mystery by cutting to the very core of Kevin Youkilis. The results are below. Click and click again for the full-sized version and enjoy!

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  1. clap




  2. BTW, had to type it like that because “Slow Clap” is too short a comment, apparently.

  3. crotch grab in your direction sir. Excellent work

  4. So many strange jokes, such a tiny little space to fit them in.


  5. Shakira? lol………………………….

  6. The beard hair silo almost made me lose my gin

  7. hahahaha Awesome!

  8. I like the matching Sweat Tower and Sweat Factory. It explains a lot!

  9. Love me some Manischewitz. Fantastic.

  10. The poem is fucking fantastic. Just… man. I’m cracking up.

  11. Youk’s brother has had a restaurant in TriBeCa for over a decade (Edward’s). Hardly unthinkable, esp considering how shitty MassHole Nation treated him (spoken as a 30+ year Bosox fan).

  12. You missed the boat by not having the broken glass in the foot (see: Lennox, Annie). But nice work!

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