Bless your precious heart, David Price. For I know it is in the right place. It is clear you mean well with this sincere tweet sent early on a Thursday morning.

You see, David, the problem is when you play for the Tampa Bay Rays, it is hard to take you seriously. At all. Thin-skinned as most Jays fans are, you cannot blame them for taking this as a slight. A slight from member of the Tampa Bay Rays. Really though, David. The Rays. THE RAYS. You should know better.

Price did reach out to the one Jays fan Southern Ontario resident/Tigers fan who seemed to pick up what the Rays ace was putting down.

Gotta give it to Price for responding to one guy, even if it was the guy who agreed with him. We get it now, David. It was a term of endearment. You love Toronto and the glorious blue chaired toilet bowl the Blue Jays call home.

Maybe one day you will call Toronto home, too. The Blue Jays seem to be throwing prospects around for 2012 Cy Young winners willy nilly these days. Given your contract status and the soulless team you play for…don’t burn too many bridges quite yet, sir.

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  1. I’m not nearly as thin-skinned as most Jays fans, and I like David Price just fine, but I suddenly can’t wait to see him get smoked at the Dome.

  2. I get what Price is saying. I imagine it was a comment on bandwagoners. He’s probably getting a ton of Blue Jays bandwagon fans now chirping him and wonders if they’ll show up. Average attendance at the dome against TB over the past 3 years has been 18,119. Lowest 11,335, highest 24,168.

  3. Wanted: newly competitive baseball team seeks enemy ballplayer to rally against. Must be member of AL East ball club or otherwise make frequent trips to the Rogers Centre. Preferably he should have a name that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. In lieu of this, his name should be easy to parody on crudely-made fan signs. Taking applications until March 2013.

  4. based on the title I thought it was going to be a post about DJF’s latest post

  5. I like the creativitiy of praising Toronto and looking like he is critizing Toronto at the same time

    I really think it was a sneaky way of bashing Tampa fans.

    David – we look forward to you being traded to us when you are ready to win a World Series

  6. He also RT’d a post where someone suggested that with a packed house at SkyDome the man in white would blend in more

    That bastard!

  7. I honestly thought he was referring to Tropicana field in his tweet. When the jays come to town, he would live to see it full

  8. Toronto averaged 25,921 fans per game (23rd in the majors). Tampa Bay averaged 19,255, placing them last.

    Chanting time! We’re 23rd! We’re 23rd!

  9. i don’t get why people get all bent over the relative beauty or non-beauty of a ballpark. i mean, ya, if you have a beautiful park, praise it all day. i honestly don’t have a problem with skydome and have lots of fond memories there. i went to old yankee stadium for a weekend and although the place was beat up and the AV systems were trash, it had a wonderful charm and the fans were really nice. i guess if i were a superfan and went to like 60 games a year at a variety of parks for the overall experiences i’d get analytical about what i like and don’t, but for the majority of fans, i think, just going to a game that has good attendance and a nice product on the field is a great place to spend a few hours.

  10. not to nit pick but….”Glass House Dweller” would have been more apt.

  11. I don’t understand why Jays fans wouldn’t agree with him. The Dome is waaaaaaay better when there’s more people in it. In fact, it nearly feels like a real baseball stadium. Otherwise the Dome sucks compared to real ball parks.

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