Bless your precious heart, David Price. For I know it is in the right place. It is clear you mean well with this sincere tweet sent early on a Thursday morning.

You see, David, the problem is when you play for the Tampa Bay Rays, it is hard to take you seriously. At all. Thin-skinned as most Jays fans are, you cannot blame them for taking this as a slight. A slight from member of the Tampa Bay Rays. Really though, David. The Rays. THE RAYS. You should know better.

Price did reach out to the one Jays fan Southern Ontario resident/Tigers fan who seemed to pick up what the Rays ace was putting down.

Gotta give it to Price for responding to one guy, even if it was the guy who agreed with him. We get it now, David. It was a term of endearment. You love Toronto and the glorious blue chaired toilet bowl the Blue Jays call home.

Maybe one day you will call Toronto home, too. The Blue Jays seem to be throwing prospects around for 2012 Cy Young winners willy nilly these days. Given your contract status and the soulless team you play for…don’t burn too many bridges quite yet, sir.