Call me crazy, but it looks like Edwin Jackson to the Cubs is all but a done deal? After making some tidy little value pick ups, the Baby Bears look like they’ve made a bigger splash on the free agent market.

Obviously nothing official yet but a Cubs rotation with Garza-Samardzija-Jackson-Feldman-Villanueva looks pretty good for a 90-loss team. In fact, it looks like the kind of rotation that would prevent just about any team from losing 95 games.

Matt Garza might just be on the move by the time the trade deadline rolls around. We’ll wait on more official confirmations but let’s go with good work, Jed.

Related: Gio Gonzalez is kind of awesome. Edwin Jackson? Durable starter with underwhelming rate stats and just about everything else. Certainly worth this type of contract. Good deal all around.


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  1. Its amazing how many people mangle the term “couldn’t have happened to a nicer…”.

    This occurs enough that its an actual pet peeve of mine.

  2. Should of credited Gio.

  3. 4 year 52 Mill?

    Wow, sure makes the Dickey signing look that much better.

    • Dickey was a trade, and not free to shop his services to other teams. Not apples and oranges but you are right, Dickey is a steal.

      • Fair enough,

        I guess it was more an affirmation of the going rate for middle-upper tier pitching and Dickey falls well below that. However, the down side to all of this is the kind of money Josh Johnson may command should he have a decent/good year.

  4. Gio laying the smackdown on Edwin.

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