There isn’t a lot left to say about how good Mike Trout is at baseball. Jeff Sullivan did a nice job of demonstrating one specific area of his amazement: his base running.

Mike Trout is fast and Mike Trout can gear up for the fastball but still manages to sit back when he gets an off-speed pitch and ohmygod is he good.

The above video isn’t as spectacular as most Mike Trout highlight reels. It simply shows Mike Trout doing a series of things which, when strung together, demonstrate the wide range of his skills:

  1. Hitting a pitch thrown exactly where the pitcher intends.
  2. Despite getting a tough pitch down and away, Trout has the strength and bat speed to hit it 370 feet to the opposite field on a line, over the head of a very fast center fielder.
  3. Cruising into third base for a stand up triple. “Cruising” meaning looking as though he could have walked from second base and still made it without a throw.

Lots of guys are fast. Lots of guys have plate coverage. Lots of guys are strong. How many are all that in one package?