The Cleveland Indians have made a splash into the free agent market, agreeing to a contract with outfielder Nick Swisher, according to the New York Daily News.

The deal is reportedly a four year contract worth $56 million, with a $14 million vesting option in 2017, making the contract worth up to $70 million.

The 32-year outfielder, who played baseball at Ohio State University, paid a visit to Cleveland earlier this week, and was given the superstar treatment by the Indians front office, in hopes of convincing him that a homecoming would be the best decision for himself and his family.

Swisher had dinner Monday with President Mark Shapiro and General Manager Chris Antonetti, followed by a tour of Progressive Field, the Tribe’s locker room, and their facilities on Tuesday. The tour also included Swisher appearing on the scoreboard as a member of the Indians, playing right field and batting fourth. Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, basketball coach Thad Matta and baseball coach coach Greg Beals also sent a video message to Swisher, encouraging him to sign with Cleveland.

Swisher is expected to play right field, replacing Shin-Soo Choo, who was dealt to the Cincinnati Reds last week in a three team trade that saw the Indians acquire outfielder Drew Stubbs from the Reds and pitcher Trevor Bauer from the Diamondbacks.

Last season, Swisher played in 148 games for the New York Yankees, posting a .272/.364/.473 line with 24 home runs.

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  1. Oh good. The Yankees will be slightly less annoying next season.

  2. This is a fantastic signing for Cleveland, Swisher will be a bargain next year.

  3. Considering what Choo will demand next year in FA this was a very smart move by the clevelands IMO. Swisher is a very similiar player to Choo and is the definition of consistency, and his salary is pretty reasonable too. All in all, acquiring trevor bauer and drew stubbs while replacing Choo’s production has got to be considered a win for cleveland.

  4. Waste of money. They are likely not competing for the next few years so why sign an expensive free agent to be on a 70 win team? By the time they develop enough he will be in decline so what was the point? Are the people of Cleveland and of Northern Ohio really pining away for a guy like Nick Swisher? He is not going to make people come to the ball park. I think they would be better off saving the money for when they need it.

    • It’s not like they gave him some outlandish contract, only 54M guaranteed. They gave him roughly double the financial guarantee the Dodgers gave Brandon League, think about that for a second, there’s no expectation ot him bringing people to the ballpark or being some kind of superstar, and it’s likely not going to hamper them severely as far as their budget goes they have a good amount of flexibility, nothing wrong with having good players while your rebuilding.

      • Nothing wrong with it I agree. Especially being in that division nobody is ever really out of it. It just seems like money could have better. Even spent on other players or saving up for the time when they relally need it. $50m is still a good amount of coin even over a few years.

        • You can’t just keep waiting for some mystical time in the future. Sometimes you have to do something now. And I think this was a great move.

          They cashed in on Choo, and now they’re able to replace him with a hometown boy. If things don’t work out, it’s not like they can’t trade Swisher later and hope for a Choo-like return.

          It’s all about acquiring assets, and you can’t argue that this team isn’t better with Swisher on it than without him.

  5. He’s making more than Jose Bautista LOLOLOLOL

  6. The market has changed drastically in the last two years, if the jays were trying to lock up Bautista right now it would cost much much more.

  7. Wasnt he looking for a Jason Werth type contact? Oops!

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