All 30 MLB teams will be rolling out new batting practice and spring training caps for 2013. ESPN Playbook‘s “Uni Watch” has an exclusive look at designs for every team and a smattering of details on what’s new. The new lids will reportedly not feature any stretch fit material, which is a win for everyone.

As the the sketch above indicates, the Toronto Blue Jays have opted to up the Rogers Red Maple for the upcoming season. We encourage you to click through to ESPN to get a peek at all the new caps, which include some quality looks from the Houston Astros, Cincinnatti Reds, and Oakland Athletics to name a few. Take the jump here to have a gander at the Atlanta Braves, who upped the racism, and the Tampa Bay Rays, who may or not be giving a nod to the Sacramento Gold Miners.

Atlanta Braves 2013 Batting Practice Cap

Tampa Bay Rays 2013 Batting Practice Cap

All images via ESPN Playbook

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  1. The new Jays’ BP cap has lame sauce drizzled all over it.

    • But the Maple Cocks sure all going to love that shit. A little lame nationalistic pandering in my opinion.

    • I bought the blue and white versions last year (mostly because fitted official hat doesn’t sit well on my head). Glad I got it before the ruined it with maple porn.

    • I think theyre kinda cool. The A’s hats are cool too

  2. Barves are maxing out the racism for 2013.

    • They can’t really be doing that, can they? Fuck I cannot believe the league have them approval to do that.

    • I met the “Chief” at a Camp 2 summers ago. He’s a “GREAT” leader of men – loved his job with the Braves – and told me some funny stories about his experience. I was also at a ‘Noles game in Tallahassee, FL once and the protesters were annoying at best – unrealistic at worse and should have been better educated on the realities of life – they won – we lost in Florida. There is no joking when a mascot is part of a team – other ethnic groups are used in comedy tours as fodder….so, don’t knock it if someone uses a Native American as a mascot….many teams are very proud to advertise the noble peoples of the United States of America – and many enjoy the freedoms we all share – versus other countries.

  3. If you are offended by the new Braves hats, you’re a fucking pussy. Get over it, way too many problems in the world to worry about a fucking hat.

      • This article is useless…. people need to grow a pair… a picture depicting a brave on a braves cap is not racist.

        • Yes, yes it is. Imagine a German Bundesliga team making their mascot a Pole or a Jew. Awww…nuts. I just Godwin Law’d myself, didn’t I? Sheesh. Okay, how about a Turkish futbol team putting an Armenian as their mascot?

          • actually its nothing like that moron

          • @ Rob San Actually it is. An easy argument can be made that indigenous peoples, cultures and nations in North America have been subjected to genocide — residential schools, forced sterilization, small pox and germ warfare, the breaking of treaties, legislative control including through the Gradual Civilization Act and the Indian Act, forced dispossession from lands and relocation to reservations, outlawing of ceremonies such as the potlatch and traditional activities such as fishing and hunting.

        • It’s the braves thing as a whole that is the racist part… especially with the tomahawk chop… although the Indians and Redskins are far worse.

          • I agree with you on the tomahawk part.

            But if people like these writers running with this story truly cared about how indigenous peoples are portrayed in sports there way, way more offensive places to look than this hat that as itself isn’t really racist.

            This is just another case of writers hopping on a story with nothing of merit to say for their own sanctimonious grandstanding more than anything else.

          • The Tomahawk Chop came from Deion Sanders when he played for the Braves because he went to Florida State, where the Seminole is similar to the Braves. Besides, this logo is just Chief Noc a Homa, a part of Atlanta Braves history. There’s nothing wrong with it and if anyone has a problem with it, then they’re just a useless tool with no appreciation for baseball and baseball history.

  4. I think this new style looks great! Such an improvement over the old stretchy, stylized white line bullshit of the old ones. These ones remind me of the NFL draft day hats from a few years ago, which are awesome.

  5. Jays cap is awesome. Braves cap is racist as fuck.
    Fuck you if you disagree with either of those statements, Yankee.

  6. Braves fan since 1966, with one simple message for the organization: Lose the “screaming savage” 2013 BP hat or lose me. It’s that simple.

    • If you have been a Braves fan since 1966 you would know that logo is part of the team history. Get over it. This isn’t racist. It is them showing pride in their history.

      • What history is that? Please provide details on how an astonishingly racist logo is something to be prideful of. I await your long winded essay.

        While we wait for you to spout of some nonsense please give this article a read.

        • It is a logo the team has used since the 1950s. That is the history. It is only racist if you are racist. I don’t read links from strangers.

          • Hey, you know what is more important than the iconography of a professional sports team? The continued marginalization of an entire group of actual people.

          • Because surely there was no racism in the 1950′s.

          • I am done here. There is no need for that response. I like the logo and am not offended by it. You are the offensive one here.

            • are you a native american? then it doesn’t matter whether or not it offends you, you are not the measuring stick, you are irrelevant to the issue. your opinion and feelings do not dictate the insensitivity of the matter at hand.

              • that was a reply to bravesfan75

                • Noc-a-homa, I do have native american ancestors, so I am part of the measuring stick for this issue. Not all people are so easily offended by everything.

                • bravesfan75, well then fuck that part of my argument. still, your feelings on the issue don’t change those of others, whatever I don’t care anyway, grumble grumble grumble BDSDFGHNBVCXCVBGHJKL,MF

              • Did someone in the Braves organization declare that Native Americans are genetically inferior?

                • now that is where you are right and the whistle blowers are off the mark, these types of things aren’t racist, they are racially insensitive.

                • that was a reply to lance, why the fuck isn’t the reply function working

          • Good. Go live in your bubble.

          • History doesn’t make something “not racist”.

        • Love how people these days like to get sanctimonious over everything yet can’t provide a reasoning for why they think that way with their own words.

          Provide details on why this logo is “astonishingly racist?

      • I would argue that the concerns of Native Americans whose history of being shat all over by white settler culture since the 1600s overrides the “history” of 46 years of a baseball team.

        • how is this offensive to Natives?

          • By appropriating cultural identities for profit while continuing to propound harmful stereotypes without any historical context. The “savage” identity applied to sports association with native imagery is misleading, hurtful and wrong. Go in a different direction with it, and think of a team from the South, say Alabama, being called the Birmingham Cotton Pickers, or something along those lines. It may seem innocuous, but it represents a narrow view of a vast cultural problem which is offensive to those whose culture it appropriates and denigrates.

    • Well…………………..Bye!

    • You’ve been a “fan” since 1966 and you’re willing to stop cheering for a team because of a logo that has been around since the day you started cheering is suddenly reappearing?

      Seriously, go take a look at the history of the uniforms and you’ll see that the Native head logo has been around since 1929 and was a prominent sleeve logo until 1974 when they scrapped the logo for maize, which is also indicative of Native Americans which happens to be the Braves mascot.

      Please go cheer for another organization not named after a race of people. Maybe the Brewers might fit your love for all races. Maybe you cheer for the Indians and totally disregard the cartoon Indian.

  7. *groan*

    I thought the Americans had the market cornered on patrotism/sports team lame-o-ness. I thought wrong.

  8. The Jays’ hat is weak. Too bad, we were on a roll after the sweet new unit last year. I love the Jays’ and Canada, but our baseball team is not a national team. Of course the Braves’ hat is offensive. But do you think people are going to be offended by a hat with a native on it in a country with a team called the ‘Redskins’? Atlanta is mostly African American as well. I wonder how well it would fly if the Braves were called the ‘Blackskins’? And had a pic of a screaming black man on their hat? Native Amerians get even less respect in the US than they get here in Canada.

    • The only people raising cain about this is bored white journalists that have an opinion about everything including a batting practice hat. Everyone is so angry about the Braves alternate logo of a laughing Native American or Brave yet no one is bringing up the cartoon Indian logo in Cleveland that is on almost all of their caps.

      This is ridiculous. Go find some other issue from 20 years ago to dredge back up. Cuba’s still communist! AHHHH!!!!

  9. How is the hat racist or a “continued marginalization of a people”?

    They are depicting an image of a Native warrior as a positive attribute, you know to represent the name BRAVES?

    If you can’t discern the difference between this and things like the Redskins/Indians then I don’t know what to say, your school system failed you.

    Only thing racist about this entire thing is all these sports writers referring to the logo as “screaming savage”. Stick to sports and stop trying to be social commentators on shit you know nothing about.

    Everybody so quick to feel self-righteous these days on trivial topics to feel better about themselves.

    • Thereby confirming the mouth-breathers in the comments today came from the link in the Yahoo article:–mlb.html

      Knew it.

      • So people crying this is racist have nothing of merit to say or engage in a meaningful conversation?

        Knew it.

        At least you probably feel better about yourself because you’re on the good side, right?

        • Ok, here’s a meaningful debate: Do you have eyes?

          Or am I being insensitive to the thin skin on your red neck?

          • Still nothing to say.

            Red neck? Interesting comment when you know nothing about me, yet so quick to call ignorance on others.

            Explain why it is so offensive instead of spewing empty rhetoric

        • Rob, it doesn’t matter whether you feel/understand how it is racist or offensive. What matters is that the people whom it characterizes do.

          • And how do you know this?

            I live in BC with many native communities around me, when the Canucks played Blackhawks many of them proudly wore that jersey and explained how they liked the Blackhawks because of their logo which I think most people say is much more offensive than this.

            The logo is of a brave warrior Native American. It depicts them at their strongest of a culture. Do the Native Americans just want to be forgotten about and envisioned as a culture that was ran over by the white man?

            The only thing racist about this hat is referencing the logo as the “screaming savage”.

        • It’s racist because it is a caricature of a whole group of people.. whether it’s in a positive light or not it’s still racist. If the Raptors changed their name to “Black Guys” because they’re stereotypically good at basketball it’d be racist.

          • Are you seriously that dense? Are the Atlanta BRAVES named after an ethnicity?

            Caricatures can be made to be insulting or as a compliment even though I don’t even really see this logo as a caricature.

            Stop trying to draw false connections and explain to me how this logo is offensive.

            The only thing that has been offensive about this whole thing is it being referred to as the “screaming savage” which has only been done by self-righteous sports writers and bloggers.

  10. I hate the braves and their logo .

  11. I Love it. Everything offends or is racist to somebody. If there is not the right place to worship, some ethnic group claims discrimination. If we try to celebrate a holiday, some other group is offended (my kids can’t even have a christmas party in their classroom anymore because of a few whiners). If we don’t teach in every language, some immigrant group is offended. If our forefathers saw how we’ve screwed up this country, they’d roll over in their graves. It’s a friggin hat people, get over it!!! My family history includes family members whose scalps were taken off while they were alive. I am not bitter toward Native Americans because of it. That’s part of America in it’s infancy. Lets worry about real problems, taxes, jobs, immigrants draining our system, I could go on. Oh lastly, I am a Dodger fan and hate the Braves but would like to get one of those hats. Where can I get one?

  12. As a baseball player, I would hate to be forced to wear a BP hat that’s different from the game hat, especially when it’s a different style, material, and shape.

  13. Noc a homa, where were the native americans back in the seventies, when Chief Noc A Homa would run in from the outfield, do a dance around the pitchers mound, then return to his teepee in the outfield seats.

    It was racism then, and its not now, If native americans are offended, then sorry, these days it seems almost every ethnic group gets their feelings hurt in this PC world we live in.

    The definition of a racist and rasism:

    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    Please tell me how having the head of an Indian warrior on a cap meets any of these standards.

    In short, I was raised that if I didnt know the meaning of a word, then I shouldnt use it.

    Too bad that 99% of folks who throw out rasism and being a racist have no idea what the meaning of those words are.

  14. well said Bravesfan

    Cant wait to buy the new cap

  15. Alright let’s call it not racist and welcome the NY Jews, Boston Honkys, LA Negroes and Miami Spics to the league.
    Seems only fair.
    Oops forgot the Seattle Slant-eyes. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

    • Except the name is Atlanta BRAVES.

      The logo is of a brave warrior Native American. It depicts them at their strongest of a culture. Do the Native Americans just want to be forgotten about and envisioned as a culture that was ran over by the white man?

      The only thing racist about this hat is referencing the logo as the “screaming savage” which has been done by sanctimonious sportswriters and bloggers.

      • Alright and the Cleveland Indians or the Washington redskins count as what?

        • Did I argue in favor of those names? Start a petition to get rid of those names and I would probably sign it.

          This is just another case of writers trying to hop on an issue they know people will get overly sensitive about for their own moral grandstanding.

          • Can u please go read the article referenced above? Your arguement is #5 if u want to shorthand it.

          • I already read that poorly written shit article.

            Drawing on false parallels and making empty comparisons doesn’t impress me much.

            The author cites the FSU Seminoles as an example along with the Braves even though the Seminole peoples gave them their blessing for the name/logo to be used..

            Instead of resorting to formulating opinions on innocuous issues like this to achieve feelings of moral superiority why don’t people start doing actual things to help their communities.

      • Actually the strongest point of Native American culture would be the point where they made up the entirety of the populace of North America as farmers, not when they had been decimated by disease and white settler encroachment on their lands (see Trail of Tears, the) to become the quasi-nomadic “warrior” peoples that we associate with them with superficially today.

        • You seem to lack quite a bit of knowledge about Natives prior to settlement. Very few Native populations had farming, and many were active in persistence hunting which included incorporating the traits you somehow equate purely being a cause of European settlement. Not only that you act as if Native tribes did not have their own conflicts with each other. I think most Natives would actually take offense to your comments by intimating they weren’t warriors til the white man came.

          Stop talking out your ass and complaining just to complain.

          • Uh… actually aboriginal first nations had a pretty sophisticated state of agriculture which helped sustain its relatively large population. It was only after white settler-colonialism brought about disease that saw the start of first nations population decline – and subsequent subordination to the colonial state. Most people of the first nations were most certainly not warriors or hunters – you couldn’t sustain an estimated population of ten million people in N.A. (before first contact) on that mode of food production (or gathering).

        • What in the world are you talking about? ‘You seem to forget the time when aboriginees were the foremost astronomers in the Australian subcontinent.’ Many if not most pre-Columbian native Americans were not fully sedentary farmers and they did indeed have a warrior culture which valued the strongest (or ‘bravest’) as the best. You sound like a dumbass when you paint pre-Columbian NA as some Garden of Eden where everyone lived in harmony with nature and eachother. They were people who hunted buffalo and other tribes. Nothing wrong with that, just how it is. You sound like an asshole pretending otherwise.

          And this is coming from someone who thinks that the whole thing is actually pretty racist.

        • The Mohawks used to cook and eat their enemies, the Iroquois and Huron were mortal enemies. This was long before any whitefaces landed on the continent.

    • well there Dave, I guess everybody is forgetting that the Braves were originally the Boston Braves, then Milwaukee. If it is “racist” now it was racist then. It is not a southern thing.

  16. The Atlanta Mr T’s?

  17. In 1991, The Minnesota Twins won the 1991 World Series while fans in Atlanta did the “Tomahawk Chop”.

    Remember that stupid shit?

    This cap is more of the same stupid shit.


  18. That cap is horrible. I can’t believe that MLB approved it. Especially in light of all the protests and awareness around Aboriginal issues. What if the logo were of a black person picking cotton? Would we all be ok with that because it’s a ‘historical’ logo?? I don’t think so!!

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