All 30 MLB teams will be rolling out new batting practice and spring training caps for 2013. ESPN Playbook‘s “Uni Watch” has an exclusive look at designs for every team and a smattering of details on what’s new. The new lids will reportedly not feature any stretch fit material, which is a win for everyone.

As the the sketch above indicates, the Toronto Blue Jays have opted to up the Rogers Red Maple for the upcoming season. We encourage you to click through to ESPN to get a peek at all the new caps, which include some quality looks from the Houston Astros, Cincinnatti Reds, and Oakland Athletics to name a few. Take the jump here to have a gander at the Atlanta Braves, who upped the racism, and the Tampa Bay Rays, who may or not be giving a nod to the Sacramento Gold Miners.

Atlanta Braves 2013 Batting Practice Cap

Tampa Bay Rays 2013 Batting Practice Cap

All images via ESPN Playbook