There is a lot to love about the baseball scorecard. That anyone takes the time to score a game is nothing short of miraculous (these awesome things notwithstanding.) When I was a kid I thought scoring games was awesome. Then came beer.

Although I’m basically too old for beer now, [:(] I won’t resume scoring games because, honestly, who has the time? Nerds, that’s who. Well nerds and one half of the best broadcast duo in the game, Duane Kuiper.

Above is Duane Kuiper’s scorecard from Matt Cain‘s perfect game this year. Like all scorecards, there are little details which make it Kuip’s own. I personally love the ad copy smack dab in the middle, lest the Giants PBP man ever forget who pays his salary.

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  1. Too.. Old?… for beer?

  2. When my job included watching baseball games for money, it was standard practice to keep score. If you need information in a split second and you know your own system it’s unbeatable.

    I still have the scorecard from the first MLB playoff pack I ever produced. It was when all those bugs attacked Joba Chamberlain.

    • How does one note that on a scorecard? Do you just catch one of the bugs and smoosh it onto the scorecard?

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