Sony is giving fans the chance to vote on who will grace the cover of MLB 13: The Show beginning on January 7th. Prospective gamers can choose between seven Major League Baseball players: Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera, Bryce Harper, Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, and C.C. Sabathia. Noticeably absent from the crop of potential cover athletes are National League Cy Young winner and new Blue Jay R.A. Dickey, American League Cy Young winner David Price, and the greatest specimen of baseball player alive, Mike Trout.

Personally, I would have forgone the fan voting route and just released the game with this cover:

I am not a video game publishing executive, though.

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  1. So, is it safe to assume that Drew will be spearheading the write-in campaign for Trout?

  2. These candidates are (mostly) so odd that it almost seems like a setup for Posey to win.

  3. I am kinda surprised Dickey wasn’t on the list or Price, just saying one Cy Young shoulda been on the list? Maybee??????

  4. I’m pushing for Mike McCoy!

  5. Could it be that none of the absent players wanted to be on the cover?

  6. You need to have a link to just the front of the box. I would print that and use it for my copy

  7. Bwahahahaaa, that helmet toss cover is abso-larious Lewis!

  8. I think Frazier, with the bat completely out of his hands would be a nice cover pic too.

  9. Lawrie or maybe Reyes will probably be the Canadian cover

  10. that is some straightup bull shit. Braun? Are you fucking kidding me!?
    No Dickey? What about the guy that broke the All-Star votes record a couple years ago?
    bull shit.

    • Wow… you really seem to…care… about this.

      • wow….you….really….seem to……care….enough…..about……..much…..I care…..about………..comment……on…….how……..much……….I………care…….about……it…..also…………fuck…………

        • Well aren’t you just a peach.

        • you should copy/paste the periods next time, save time. Catharsis needn’t take all day

        • Since you do care so much, I’ll address your comments directly if you like.

          if it was Dickey, what uniform do you put him in on the cover? Because there aren’t any pictures of him in a Jays uniform yet, and it would be weird to a lot of people to see him in one… and putting him in a Mets uniform would brand your video game as being out of date right off the bat.
          And why would Sony give a shit that Bautista broke the all star game votes record 2 years ago when deciding who to put on the cover now (especially when they didn’t even put him on the cover – outside of Canada – during the year in question)

          I agree on the Braun bit I guess (as much as I am able to muster an opinion on this), and I do question why Mike Trout and G. Stanton didn’t get considered… but fuck it… Posey will win and that’s just fine.

  11. I bet the triple crown guy or the guy from New York takes it. I can’t picture the stereotypical L.A. fan caring enough to vote for Kemp, though it’s possible those stereotypical fans don’t exist.

  12. Goddamn, CC makes Miggy look thin.

  13. You can vot for Harper and not Trout? The fuck?

  14. this list is shit… hopefully they put that lawrie cover there for us canadians!

  15. I want to write in Tsuyoshi Nishroka and let them that sweet picture of him from the earlier article

  16. i miss the days of joe mauer :’(

  17. If Posey wins instead of Harper or Miggy, then you only have to blame dingus Giants fans loading the voting.

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