A sadish day for Blue Jays fans as the club’s all-time leader in appearances, Jason Frasor, agrees to terms on a one-year contract with the Texas Rangers. While Frasor is no Koji Uehara or Mike Adams, he is still a decent depth addition to an already deep bullpen.

Jason Frasor is not a closer. Only 109 innings of his career 522 IP came in high leverage situations. He is a seventh inning guy…maybe. But the thing with guys like Jason Frasor is they are wholly replaceable until time comes to actually replace them.

Only counting 6 rWAR across a nine year career suggests otherwise but, as a Blue Jays fan who sat through the lion’s share of those grind-the-game-down-to-nub appearances, Jason Frasor is anything but replaceable.

There are only 74 relievers to amass 300 IP since 2006. Frasor ranks 25th in K/9, 38th in FIP and 31st in fWAR. Not great, but not bad. Lots of worse pitchers received lucrative, long-term free agent contracts recently, Frasor gets one-year and $1.5 Mil as he enters his age-35 season.

The life of a middle reliever is such that few Blue Jays fans will lament the departure of a player like Frasor. Frankly, they really shouldn’t. He did a job for a long time and now a new guy will do it. Maybe Steve Delbar will become the new Jason Frasor, leaving Eric Thames to become the new Jayson Werth (note: this won’t happen.)

The Rangers will count on Frasor to setup for closer Joe Nathan alongside Robbie Ross (who is awesome because of this) until Joakim Soria returns from injury and Neftali Feliz makes his all-but-inevitable return to the bullpen (though we aren’t supposed to admit this yet). Then a return to the safety of the 6th and 7th innings await Frasor.

Fare thee well, Sausage King. There’s always a place for you here.

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  1. level of excellence, come on he and his wife deserves it

  2. that’s nonsense talk. Frasor is almost as bad as Francisco and the lot. He stinks. He is terrible, he takes a long time, he single handedly sucks enjoyment from a game. He talks to media with an wholly overblown sense of ability, when in fact that stat you noted probably more accurately describes just how unimpressive he is.

    thank god he’s out of here. do NOT resuscitate.

    • Exactly none of these things are even remotely true.

      • It is all bullshit, except for the fact that he does move at an insufferably slow pace.

        • You (and he) are correct on that front.

          • what comparison do you want to see?

            i’m not a stat expert, so I can only do my best to cobble something together:

            the stats i’m likely referring to are average leverage index (aLI), the Win Probability added by a Pitcher (WPA) and the Base Out Runs Saved (RE24)…because that is the sort of situation i’m talking about.

            Frasor is

            aLI 0.99 – so he appeared in situations with higher leverage compared to average relievers.

            WPA 0.314 – so he has positive record to win probability

            and RE24 0.18 – so he was just barely positive to prevent a run.

            here’s a comparison:

            Aaron Loup 0.92 / 0.320 / 5.46. So the same as frasor in some ways and then crazy different in the RE24

            Lincoln 0.88 / 1.28 / 6.19. So slightly less intense situations but performed much much better otherwise.

            and if you want to go up and compare to a great reliever?

            Darren Oliver 1.26 / 1.535 / 13.76. just WOW.

            to me this all backs up that Frasor just ain’t all that. The more pedestrian stats give people like Stoeten and Drew reason to believe he was better than he actually was. I watched games and remembered that usually he just wasn’t.

            Give me someone you feel is an average reliever and let’s see how Frasor stacks up. Its better if its someone I might know because the narrative on this is going to be important. If you try to give me someone everyone clearly knows STINKS then the comparison is useless.

            • So because he isn’t quite as good as three relievers you selected, he automatically stinks? He is a durable reliever who throws strikes and gets strikeouts. That’s it. Average is a fine way to describe him. Among pitchers who pitched 150 innings over the last three years, he is in the middle of the pack in terms of WPA and shutdowns, but in the lower half of RE24.

              He compares well to Brandon League, a player who just received a three year deal worth $22.5 million in terms of recent performance. Not to say Frasor = League going forward, but their numbers are close enough. Again: average does not equal stinks.

          • Brandon League?

            How’s that exactly??


            aLI 1.59 – significantly higher leverage situations

            WPA 0.615 – nearly double Frasor’s performance.

            RE24 – 8.22

            you kidding me? these are not the same player. You put these two on the field in the same situations and you get VERY different results…in fact I’d feel pretty good about saying that the difference between these players performance alone would be enough to win/lose ballgames.

  3. Black Magic is jealous…

  4. “The life of a middle reliever is such that few Blue Jays fans will lament the departure of a player like Frasor. Frankly, they really shouldn’t.”

    That pretty much says it all. Tom Henke or Duane Ward he was not. 3 years of declining numbers didn’t inspire a lot of confidence going forward for me.

  5. There’s no arguing that Frasor did a decent+ job here for a long time. That puts him ahead of most of the relievers in baseball, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him being one of the better relievers out of the Rangers pen this year.

    Still, the Jays are in good stead with Janssen, Santos, Delabar and Rodgers to man the late innings. That’s a closer, a backup closer/8th inning guy and two other guys to man the 7th and 8th innings. Then, barring injury, we have Lincoln, Happ and one of Cecil/Jeffress for middle/long relief. That’s where the weakness is, unless Cecil proves to be a good long relief option, which is entirely possible. I don’t see Jeffress making the team unless he clears waivers after Spring and waits in Buffalo until someone goes down.

  6. During Frasor’s long career the Jays have had a shit-ton of relievers who made you weep, moan and crap your pants when their name was announced to come in. He was pretty much never one of them. He’d blow an opportunity now and again, but usually he got the job done. What the fuck more could you want? A 3.77 ERA for a nine year career spent almost entirely in the Al East is pretty fucking good.

    Fare thee well.

    • you are insane.

      its the exact opposite in the last couple of years.

      he could hold it together if you gave him a 4 point lead, but had a tendency to give it up in close games or make it worse in clear loss situations.

      HE STUNK. The only person I hated seeing more than him coming out of that bullpen was Fransucksco and CoCo Beware!.

      Good riddance Frasor. You’re slow, you stink, and you talk awfully big for such a middling pitcher.

      • As little as two years ago the guy had a sub-3 ERA in the AL East. A little regression is expected, but it wouldn’t take much for him to get back to sub-4.

      • Look at his production against his cost. In 9 years he earned less than $14 million total, averaging just over 1.5 mil. per year. For that he was steady and effective in the AL East for a long time. The list of Jays relievers who got paid more and pitched worse is pretty fucking long!

        Yes, he’s near the end of his career. No, I’m not sad he’s gone. (You might wanna get back on your meds.)

  7. Why is Robbie Ross awesome?

  8. My one baseball was pitched by Frasor, fouled off into the 2nd deck by some unknown from the Royals. For that reason alone, I’ll miss him. I also remember him as a rookie sitting in the bullpen ‘top of the wall’ seats messing around with Vinnie Chulk and apparently paying no attention to the game. Good luck Frason Jasor.. Although, he seems to be somewhat like a homing pigeon – I wouldn’t be surprised to see him again.

  9. I’m not upset about losing Frasor. The areas he is declining in are a little worrisome, and he is also becoming useless against lefties.

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