A sadish day for Blue Jays fans as the club’s all-time leader in appearances, Jason Frasor, agrees to terms on a one-year contract with the Texas Rangers. While Frasor is no Koji Uehara or Mike Adams, he is still a decent depth addition to an already deep bullpen.

Jason Frasor is not a closer. Only 109 innings of his career 522 IP came in high leverage situations. He is a seventh inning guy…maybe. But the thing with guys like Jason Frasor is they are wholly replaceable until time comes to actually replace them.

Only counting 6 rWAR across a nine year career suggests otherwise but, as a Blue Jays fan who sat through the lion’s share of those grind-the-game-down-to-nub appearances, Jason Frasor is anything but replaceable.

There are only 74 relievers to amass 300 IP since 2006. Frasor ranks 25th in K/9, 38th in FIP and 31st in fWAR. Not great, but not bad. Lots of worse pitchers received lucrative, long-term free agent contracts recently, Frasor gets one-year and $1.5 Mil as he enters his age-35 season.

The life of a middle reliever is such that few Blue Jays fans will lament the departure of a player like Frasor. Frankly, they really shouldn’t. He did a job for a long time and now a new guy will do it. Maybe Steve Delbar will become the new Jason Frasor, leaving Eric Thames to become the new Jayson Werth (note: this won’t happen.)

The Rangers will count on Frasor to setup for closer Joe Nathan alongside Robbie Ross (who is awesome because of this) until Joakim Soria returns from injury and Neftali Feliz makes his all-but-inevitable return to the bullpen (though we aren’t supposed to admit this yet). Then a return to the safety of the 6th and 7th innings await Frasor.

Fare thee well, Sausage King. There’s always a place for you here.