It’s the start of another new year. At such time, it’s become customary to take stock of the sights, sounds and emotions that were experienced over the last 365 days.  For a baseball blog like us, this translates into a look back at our writing, GIF-based page view whoring, and the immediate reactions to some of the more incredible things to happen over the past year.

While the 2012 baseball season will most likely be remembered as the first one to implement a new playoff format that made for exciting baseball throughout the month of September, the change in post season structure was only one of several individual stories that made us laugh, cringe, smile, throw stuff at the television and scrape our jaws off the floor. This is the nature of baseball, and here are a few examples of why we love the game, and why this past year was a great one for baseball and a great one for our little baseball blog.


Shortening “steroids” to “‘roids” is questionable enough without the additional displeasure of using it in association with a slang term that refers to a body part close in proximity to where hemorrhoids are found, but such matters of taste would not stop a brave copy editor for [Today In Headlines That Sound Painful]

I have heard from several reliable sources that a lot of people crave attention, and are willing to do the saddest things to attain it. [Everyone Wants To Be Ken Rosenthal]

Totally. Called. It. [Astros Rebrand In 2013? History Says, "Yes!"]

We call a moratorium on using “it’s not your money” to justify terrible contracts in baseball. [Refuting "It's Not Your Money" Reasoning]

And the headline of the year goes to Drew Fairservice for “Breaking: Decline Phase Veteran Unhappy With Planned Obsolescence.” [Breaking: Decline Phase Veteran Unhappy With Planned Obsolescence]


Valentine’s Day is always a special occasion for Getting Blanked readers. [Javy Valentin Day, Everybody!]

So, the Toronto Blue Jays are sort of trying to rip off their fans. [Oh Canada, Where Imports Cost Less]

Is Justin Beiber a fan of baseball, or just a fan of looking really good in MLB merchandise? [Flip Flop Fly Ball: Baseball Caps In The Promotional Videos Of Justin Bieber Singles]


Jonathan Broxton is quite literally twice the man that Tim Collins and Everett Teaford are. [Jon Broxton Is Big; Tim Collins, Everett Teaford Are Not]

ESPN’s Keith Law has a way of rubbing certain people the wrong way, most often resulting in accusations directed at him suggesting that he hates certain teams. We analyzed his analysis to put together a ranking of Keith Law’s most hated teams. [The Top 30 Teams That Keith Law Hates]

It’s important to point out inappropriate comments rather than passively accept the subtle sexism present in a male-dominated domain. [Today In Subtle Sexism: Women Are Only Interested In Boyfriends]

Baseball players continue to get drunk and drive around Florida and Arizona every Spring, and Major League Baseball continues to not do anything about it. [For Love Of Everything Holy: More Spring DUIs]

Yes, we celebrated the eleven year anniversary of Randy Johnson hitting a dove with a fastball. [Why Randy Johnson Hitting A Dove With A Fastball Is Important]


It’s just your typical mile long throw from right field to third base to get a runner out. [Animated Advisory: Don't Run On Josh Reddick's Arm]

Given all that Jackie Robinson accomplished as a human being, we sometimes forget that he was a pretty darned good baseball player too. [Flip Flop Fly Ball – The Definitive Jackie Robinson Infograph]

Fenway Park celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. We gave it all of the honor it is due. [Happy Anniversary You Shitbox]

If the internet is good for one thing it’s taking the good intentions of others and completely ruining it with scorn. [Making #GoDBacks Work For You]

There is only one piece of etiquette at a baseball game that absolutely must be followed: No crying. [One Rule To Abide By]


Remember in high school, how you’d deal with the successful and popular jocks by reminding yourself that this is their peak and that you were far smarter and more creative than them? Yeah, about that. John Axford. [John Axford Is Cooler Than You]

Clint Hurdle has little difficulty staying on message when speaking with the media. [Five Questions With Clint Hurdle]

There was a bit of a difference in the media’s reaction to Ozzie Guillen’s offhand remarks regarding Fidel Castro and Delmon Young’s hate crime.  [Shocking Development: The Mainstream Baseball Media’s Priorities Are Backwards]

Roy Halladay has done so much for the Philadelphia Phillies since being traded to the team ahead of the 2010 season. The least they could is maybe get the handedness right on his bobblehead. [Worst. Bobblehead. Ever.]

Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier saved a man’s life in 2012, and it was only the second most impressive thing he did thanks to this freak play. [Todd Frazier Hits A No-Handed Home Run]


Warning: Not suitable for any living thing capable of sight. [Future Uniforms: The Failed Promo Of The 90s]

If baseball consisted entirely of repeated match ups between Stephen Strasburg and Dan Uggla, I’m pretty sure I’d be content with that. [Anatomy of a Matchup – Stephen Strasburg v. Dan Uggla]

Jobs in which your contributions are only noticed if they’re in error are probably the worst type of jobs to have. [You Can't Spell Manship Without Mishap]

Omar Vizquel has pretty good dance moves for an 85-year-old. His limber body was further tested later in the season when he tried to distance himself from less than flattering comments he made about the Blue Jays coaching staff. [Vizquel Breaks Out Dance Moves During Rain Delay]

Mike Trout made highlight reel catches almost nightly in Los Angeles. However, this is the only one that’s referred to as The Mike Trout Catch. [Mike Trout Makes Catch Of The Season]


Cincinnati Reds prospect Billy Hamilton earned a reputation this season for his speed. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than stealing more bases as a Minor Leaguer than any player before him was his inside the park home run. It took him all of 13.8 seconds to round the bases. Think about that for a second. Bases are 90 feet apart. Running 360 feet in 13.8 seconds would be remarkable on its own, but he did this while turning three times. And he was running on dirt. [This. Is. Just. Dumb.]

Ranking the ears of rookies is what happens when you read things too quickly. [Today In Misread Headlines]

Just think about this for a second: If you bleed Cubbie blue, the blood in your veins is the same color as a Dodgers fan. [Flip Flop Fly Ball: Major League Baseball Teams And Their Colors]

The next time you feel the urge to criticize Pablo Sandoval for his difficulties maintaining a svelte figure, try to remember just what his massive frame is capable. [Defense Matters, Groins And Hamstrings Don't]

Ricky Romero went from being a very good starter to being a below average pitcher. There’s never an easy way to decipher a single reason for such transformations, but by looking at as much of Romero’s dynamic information as possible, we saw some evidence that he was doing things differently in 2012 that contributed to his poor results. [What's Wrong With Ricky Romero]


“It is testament to the demanding nature of the shortstop position that so many top athletes are moved away from it, unable to meet the grueling defensive requirements.” [They're All Shortstops]

Every fan base is full of both jerks and nice people. Our perception is almost always shaped by what the worst of the jerks do as representatives of all supporters. [The Worst Fans]

Would Lancelot be as heroic in a court other than King Arthur’s? Sometimes environment is just as important to success as talent. Here is a taste of what regular at bats for Giancarlo Stanton in Colorado would look like. [Giancarlo Stanton Versus Coors Field]

Here is your justification for being offended by sports writing trolls who want nothing more than your outrage. [Why Bayless Accusations Are Maddening]

Few players were more frustrating to watch this season than Tim Lincecum. His Getting Blanked diagnosis revealed some effective wildness and a whole lot of ineffective approaches from a changed arm. [Tim After Tim]


The Toronto Blue Jays, in a press conference marred by an obvious lack of preparation, blamed unawareness for Yunel Escobar playing baseball for their team with a homophobic slur written on his eye black. From Escobar stating that he had several homosexual friends (including his hairdresser and interior decorator) to manager John Farrell simultaneously claiming such sentiments were common in locker rooms and that there wasn’t a problem with homophobia in baseball, it was the least funny comedy of errors imaginable. [A Lack Of Education]

Getting Blanked’s exclusive one-on-one interview with Alex Anthopoulos revealed a lot about the the Toronto Blue Jays’ philosophy and hinted at their upcoming off season. [“I Can Be Wrong But I Can’t Be Afraid” – An Interview with Alex Anthopoulos]

We all know that the National Basketball Association has a policy in place that allows for teams to rid themselves of an especially egregious contract. This practice is called contractual amnesty. We are also aware that Major League Baseball doesn’t have this policy in place. What this post presupposes is maybe it does. [Contractual Amnesty In Major League Baseball]

Two months after joining the Pittsburgh Pirates, Travis Snider made the greatest play of his career. [Travis Snider's Catch Of The Year Candidate]

Baseball’s efforts to reach the pantomime-loving demographic reached its zenith in a game between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals. [The Imaginary Grand Slam That Counted]


Among the many questions that will plague the collective psyche of mankind for all of its days on earth is a relatively recent addition: Is Ichiro Suzuki repulsed by champagne being poured on his back or the proximity of Joba Chamberlain? [Best. Photo. Ever.]

And the best defensive catcher of the year award goes to …. [Fogging The Measure: Catcher Defense Ratings]

More impressive than pitching a perfect game or hitting four home runs in the same contest was one player exceeding all standards of measurement to lead all players in three different metrics to become the winner of baseball’s elusive triple crown. [A Triple Crown Winner]

What would Getting Blanked be if not for self-indulgent and lengthy anecdotes from a baseball centric childhood? [Leftover World Series Memories]

The 2012 World Series set a record low for television ratings, but that didn’t stop us from going over every inch of the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants match up before the first pitch was thrown. [The Getting Blanked A-Z Guide To The World Series]

It also didn’t stop us from celebrating the San Francisco Giants as unlikely winners of the 2012 season who won six straight elimination games before sweeping the Detroit Tigers for the World Series Championship. [The San Francisco Giants Win The World Series]


Josh Hamilton is one of the most interesting people in baseball, and while his past is often quoted as a source of conflict to his potentially successful future, it’s rarely fully understood or examined. We look to the player’s history to find a victim of circumstance whose entire life has been defined by elements outside of his own control. [A Murky Past Will Inform An Undefinable Future]

The NSFW Giancarlo Stanton highlight package. [Happy Birthday Giancarlo Stanton]

“Maybe Olney and Verducci are correct in suggesting that baseball’s current PED rules aren’t stringent enough to discourage cheaters. Maybe democracy is for pussies. Maybe if we punished players on a case-by-case basis and truly made them pay for their iniquities, then baseball would finally be on the road to righteousness.” [Playing Punisher To Appease Baseball's Old Guard]

After News Corporation’s purchase of a 49% stake in YES Network, the personal principles of New York Yankees fan Craig Robinson could no longer allow him to call the Bronx Bombers his favorite team. So, he set out to find a replacement favorite in the only fashion that he knew how. Follow his process as he seeks a new rooting interest. [Flip Flop Fly Ball - Losing One's Religion]

It’s easy to dismiss Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons as little more than a hot-headed Texan, but the man is far more than the sum of his often cited disputes with players. [Deep In The Heart]


R.A. Dickey is unique in several different ways. However,  the most amazing thing about Dickey is that he’s not the fictional creation of an American writer. His personality and performance mirror each other so well that it’s difficult to believe he’s a genuine human being, and not a construct built to offer an allegory. Whether we compare his pitching style to other pitchers or his thoughtfulness to other athletes, Dickey stands out. He is exceptional in his uniqueness, and his almost mutant-like status seems to extend into every facet of his being. This is a guy, after all, who names his bats after swords in J.R.R. Tolkien books. He’s not the typical baseball player, and he’s not the typical man. And so, it’s only fitting that he receives something beyond the typical examination. [The Getting Blanked A-Z Guide To R.A. Dickey]

How Mike Trout ruined our expectations for baseball players. [This Is All Mike Trout's Fault]

If you look at Bo Jackson’s profile page on Baseball Reference or Fangraphs, you’re likely not going to be as impressed as you might think you will, but the point of Bo Jackson’s career isn’t the accumulation of statistics. Bo Jackson was perhaps the last athlete who came attached with a legend. And that legend became a major part of American culture at a time when heroes were few and far between. [You Don't Know Bo: The Legend Of Bo Jackson]

We unlock the mystery of the stuff that comprises Kevin Youkilis to answer the ontological query: What is Kevin Youkilis? [Flip Flop Fly Ball - Kevin Youkilis: An Anatomical Diagram]

I believe it’s the Book of Proverbs that states: “There is no better way to end the year than embarrassing oneself with a public display of one’s lack of knowledge.” Hence, an end of the year quiz show. [The Getting Blanked Podcast #92 - Quiz? Noes!]