Welp. Sergio Romo might be the chillest bro in baseball and a damn fine reliever to boot but, according to a TMZ report, he doesn’t travel too well. The man who wore the above shirt into public in October was cited for “violating airport rules” before a flight out of Las Vegas, reportedly getting belligerent with a TSA officer.

The pitcher was detained by police after he could not provide proper ID to clear security and then released, though he was unable to board his flight and escorted off airport grounds. TMZ cites “law enforcement officials” who believe Romo was under the influence at the time of the incident.

As many on Twitter are quick to point out, TSA officers are among the worst people to roam our Earth and no doubt pestered Sergio Romo beyond his breaking point. Judging by his choice of attire for the Giants victory parade, this was not the first time he experienced this time of scrutiny at an airport. After this, he can look forward to many, many more. Fighting the good fight, as always, TSA friends.