Jon Heyman’s actual Hall of Fame ballot might be full of insane contradictions and severe twists of logic – an elegant ballet of reason performed solely to allow Jack Morris safe passage into Cooperstown – but the tweet he sent out with the link is pure magic.

Don’t think, for one second, Heyman isn’t in on the joke. He laughs both with and at us with this one 140 character missive. He knows his flippant selections send the braying masses into overdrive – he doesn’t particularly seem to care. He just wants to have a good laugh along the way, like a cruel troll-faced puppeteer.

And you know what? I think he’s earned that right. Saints over taints is a masterstroke, deserving of all our praise and respect. You think Scott Miller is self-aware enough to coin such a beautifully absurd phrase? Not on your life. This is 100% Grade-A American Heyman, the finest cut in the land. Kudos to you, good sir.