Bobby Valentine Finds a Home

To say that Bobby Valentine’s tenure as manager of the Boston Red Sox was entertaining would be a fairly accurate statement. Of course, if you were a Red Sox fan then something along the lines of “cataclysm” would probably be more accurate. Bobby Valentine likes to say a lot of things. Bobby Valentine has a propensity to ruffle feathers when he gets to saying things. One might say that Bobby Valentine is better suited for the airwaves of sports talk radio as opposed to making day-to-day decisions for a Major League Baseball team.

Well, would you look at that, Bobby Valentine has found himself employment in sports talk radio. Richard Deitsch has the details on Valentine’s return to sports media as a radio host for NBC Sports. Bobby V will co-host a baseball show beginning in April.

Valentine infamously sparred with Kevin Youkilis in April, questioning whether or not the veteran was “physically” and “emotionally” invested as he used to be. That didn’t sit well with Youkilis or his Red Sox teammates, but it laid the groundwork for the corner infielder’s eventual divorce from the club. There was also the incident in which Valentine threatened to punch a radio host in the mouth, and lest we forget the former manager accusing David Ortiz of packing it in on the season.

Valentine is well versed in sports media experience, having hosted radio programs in the past and serving in ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball booth. I welcome his return to the sports media circle, and hope he brings the ability to piss off the people closest to him he displayed as a manager last season to his radio gig. Also, this: