We don’t get much in the way of mail here at Getting Blanked, but when we do – the mail we get is glorious. And it is usually sent to the attention of “people in baseball” because of course.

This is the obviously anthrax-coated inside, the tasteful cover image is below the jump.

Tasteful! From the “Flowers from God” selection of Popular Greetings esteemed line of Made in China cards. A touching gesture.

Note: this is an actual card sent to theScore. No word of a lie.

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  1. I do like that he uses the Old Hoss Radbourn spelling of base ball.

  2. The education system seems to be lacking out West. But their christmas cards are pure class.

  3. Typical letter from an NHL fan.

    • So True. So True. Sharkey, you made me laugh, even though we were all thinking it when reading it.

  4. you people at the
    Score TV.
    Blue Jay such plus
    They will not win the
    World Series
    Play Base Ball indoor one
    for Cry Baby a wimp
    Real man play Base Ball
    our Door in all kinds of

  5. The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays: SUCH PLUS!

  6. That’s one more letter than I’ve ever received in my job. Kudos

  7. They took errrr jerrrrbbbsss Wild Rose forever

  8. The Bluejays needs to use the whole card as their 2013 slogan.

  9. Is that cry baby or cry daby ? Im not quite sure….

  10. I hope you guys save this somewhere prominent in your offices.

  11. Is this an actual thing or is somebody being funny? I find it funny either way.

  12. Apologies from a Calgarian for our knuckle-dragging contingent, I have no idea why he is so proud of Calgary he had to add it to the signature as though we all proof read and signed off on it.

    Mr Tough Guy here must not practice what he preaches because nobody went to Burns Stadium when there was a goddamn AAA team here unless you were able to sit in the two rows of seats with any hope of shade and were willing to endure the wind whipping you in the face for nine innings (but hey, dingers! also a mention in Moneyball as the worst park on the continent!).

    Also fuck Stoeten for being so hard on us on the podcast. This is more than a passable place to get drunk for a night or two before moving on to Vancouver or Seattle. I will accept your apology in greeting card form.

  13. I think he’s saying “Blue Jays suck, plus …” but “such plus” is way funnier. Bonus points for the tulips on the front.

  14. Also, you guys need to get this guy on the Getting Blanked podcast.

  15. I look forward to the product line. http://tinypic.com/r/302oqza/6

  16. Awesome!

    At first I thought it was a prop from the old “Land of the Giants” tv show…I like to interpret it as a card from Fred, Murray, Cal & Gary!

  17. We need to get a bunch of signs saying “Blue Jays Such Plus” to hold up on opening day.

  18. A mail troll! Didn’t know they still existed..

  19. Albertan haiku?

  20. The card actually gets better every time you read it.

    Here’s hoping you guys respond to Fred by way of a new blank card (maybe sunflowers this time?), return postage, and a post-it note asking for more of this genius.

  21. Am I the only one who googled “Fred Murray Calgary”?

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