Astros Set to Hire Roger Clemens

The Houston Astros have made some interesting moves since we last saw them in action. For starters, the club hired a swell internet prospect dude in Kevin Goldstein as their pro scouting director. The Astros’ television broadcasts will now feature former Blue Jays radio voice, Alan Ashby, delivering play-by-play, too. I’m pretty sure the Astros have gone as far as adding some baseball players as well, I just can’t recall who they are. According to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle, the Astros are close to bringing another intriguing figure into the mix. The club is expected to give Roger Clemens an “active role” in the organization.

An “active role”, what is that? It’s probably the opposite of what Chone Figgins did for the Seattle Mariners for most of last season, as the term “active” implies that Clemens will be doing something. Anything. Thankfully, general manager Jeff Luhnow has provided some details on Clemens’ eventual role:

“We’ve got the whole calendar mapped out, and we’re going to sort of figure out what makes sense,” Luhnow said Monday. “But the idea is to plug him in in spring training, plug him in throughout the season, and just have him get a lot more involved with our pitchers.

A lot of the things we teach … a lot of the things we want our pitchers to model themselves after, Roger’s the perfect example of them. So it’s great when you can produce him in the flesh and he can talk about his experiences.””

So there it is. Roger Clemens is about to return to Major League Baseball, but not as a player (for now, at least). This is sure to strike a nerve with the curmudgeon set that would rather see his head upon a stake. There’s that whole PED thing, for which we will not get too far into for the sake of this blog post. Hell, Mark McGwire returned to baseball under favourable circumstances after suffering through the taint associated with choices he made as a player. He eventually admitted his transgressions and apologized, I suppose. Roger Clemens did the opposite of that. Have you any idea how difficult it is to succesfully beat a PED-fuelled perjury rap when the evidence against you includes PED laced syringes and cotton swabs with your own ass blood on them? Extremely difficult, I would imagine.

Anyway, I digress. Roger Clemens is coming back to baseball.