These Two Men…

These two men are sitting at a table discussing…

  • a business deal. One of them is a businessman who handles his business, man. The other is a highly regarded professional athlete, one of the finer offensive baseball players of his generation.
  • the recent arrest of the man on the right, the head of a notorious biker gang and one of America’s most wanted men. The FBI G-man on the left doggedly pursued the felon across state lines for weeks, months, and years before bringing him to justice.
  • the new venture capital investment made by the man on the right’s VC fund in the man on the left’s new million dollar app idea. Having made his fortune during the first dot com boom, the man on the right knows a thing or two about risky investments.
  • “You know that Hadron Collider thing? It’s like that except, you know, IN SPACE!”

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  1. Man on right: “My detective partner and I have discovered countless evidence that indicts Professor Moriarity in this crime.”

    Man on left: . . .

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