Major League Baseball, it seems, is intent on adorning its athletes in caps for all occasions. You may recall that batting practice caps received a makeover for the 2013 season, with just enough controversy sprinkled in there to ignite heated debate across the internets, and lest we forget the caps that players wear when they actually play baseball. In an effort to generate more revenue via merchandise place some sort of distinction on players interacting with the media, MLB will integrate ‘interview caps’ for the 2013 season.

The New York Mets’ interview cap pictured above was first leaked via Mets Bro Blog, with Uni Watch providing commentary on the new lids as well.

I sure wish they had interview caps ten years ago. I’m sure Barry Bonds would have worn one that featured an embroidered “what do you want from me?” message. Shit, Hal McRae could have worn one that read “put that in your pipe and smoke it” 20 years ago.

Image via Uni Watch

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  1. I guess their plan is to be certain that every ballplayer is bald by the time they’re 30, thereby making baldness cool, thus showing those propecia jerks that they should’ve been nicer in high school!! Oh look, Tim! Baldness is cool now, but food stamps aren’t! That’s what you get for sleeping with my prom date!

  2. Are they going to mark these up by $10 like the Stars & Stripes caps? I wouldn’t put it past them.

  3. Is that orange ‘fray’ on the brim? Wtf MLB? Too much on the caps for every instance! Where’s MLB shower cap?? ;P

  4. Great headline. Well done.

  5. Sweet! That will look great with my new shirt.

    These remind me of something that Andre from The League would wear.

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