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That message? Go fuck yourself, baseball fans.

I hope all the angry, old white men are happy. The months-long tantrum culminates a full scale bombardment of sanctimony, the most frustrating Baseball Hall of Fame announcement in recent history. No winners, only losers. Even those who want to see reputed drug abusers punished and kept from the hall can only see this year’s election as a Pyrrhic victory.

No cause is advanced. A usually great weekend at the Hall will likely end up more like a funeral.

Most people reading this now the “in-house” opinion on who belongs in the Hall of Fame and who doesn’t. The BBWAA collective — the active writers and columnists and long-retired scribblers and everyone in between — do not share a common opinion. And the result? Nobody gets in.

This will get worse, not better.

The votes!

Where to begin? Biggio leads the way with 68% of the vote, falling just short this year before he is inevitably elected next season. Morris gets close but only has one year of remaining eligibility, despite being a fringe candidate at best.

Barry Bonds and Rogers Clemens actually receive different vote totals, which makes very little sense. No sense, in fact. How are they anything but a package deal? Next year will be very telling for these two unique cases. Will the writers feel as though their message got through or will they go the way of Mark McGwire, slowly drifting down the ballot?

Time Raines edges over 50%, a strong sign for those who want to see the Rock inducted. Piazza and Bagwell are comfortably in the upper middle class, as is Lee Smith (inexplicably.) Dale Murphy fails to gain the required number of votes in his final year on the ballot. Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro ain’t never gettin’ in.

Lest we forget

These are the men no longer eligible for Hall of Fame election. View the full ballots of those willing to publish their view at

Kenny Lofton, off the ballot. Which is a shame. Bernie Williams is off too, which is also weird but for different reasons. Aaron Sele received a Hall of Fame vote because…

The Jack Morris write-in campaign begins anew! Watch for writers to crow about his greatness and trump him as a generational talent, even though they awarded him a grand total of four first-place Cy Young votes over his entire career. Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas are among the names muddying the waters for next year’s ballot. If anyone still cares 12 months from now…

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh shit.

  2. I’m definitely not disappointed that no players were elected. Whether there were deserving candidates or not, I don’t think we should have this need to always have to vote at least 1 person in every year. Don’t vote based on the fact that you think someone should get in during a year. Vote for someone based on the fact that they deserve it and don’t be concerned that no one will be elected to the Hall that year.

    • What a stupid comment. A ballot with arguably the bext position player and best pticher of all time, plus at least 8 other players with resumes better than half the current HOF, is not one that would be expected to produce a HOFer for the simple reason that “we have to elect somebody”. Good lord man.

    • It seems pretty simple. The best position player and pitcher of a generation, sharing numerous statisical accomplishments that even the bbwaa should be able to understand as meritous. Oh, and jeff bagwell. One of the best players at his position in the game’s history.

      But then, why use logic when you can just troll to promote your blog post (nice original title… I think Murray Chass or the guys from might want it back though.)

    • Overall in history the BBWAA has done a decent job with selections (majority of the jokes are by the Veterans Committee), but recent years they are becoming jokes.

      They are becoming obsessed with marginal guys and too many are “making statements”

      I feel that just like umps – their ballots should be reviewed and if no reason for their voting trend – then they should lose their right to vote

  3. Clarence Carta, Clarence Carta, Clarence Carta. I be STROKIN’!

  4. Dumb. Let’s have someone found the “Baseball Museum” and actually document the ENTIRE history of the game rather than this bullshit Hall.

  5. 3 guys are absolute no-brainers – Bagwell, Bonds & Clemens – even if Bonds and Clemens roided (I’m sure they both did), their numbers are too overwhelming to not be in the HOF

    Raines, Biggio, Piazza probably belong but I could see arguments either way

    McGriff , Trammell & Edgar are borderline guys probably on wrong side even though it wouldn’t be a joke for them to be put in

    As much as I loved Morris as a pitcher – he comes up short – So does Schilling. Put them two in and you need to put in another 20 guys who are similar

    McGwire, Sosa & Raffy with taking points off for roid taking – fall short in my view
    Mattingly, Murphy, Lee Smith – are not hall of famers

  6. I didn’t vote for my kid – - – Who did?

  7. “I hope all the angry, old white men are happy. ”

    Not all white – Howard Bryant submitted one of the ludicrous blank ballots. I’m just glad that no one got screwed over by that stupidity.

  8. The system is flawed and a complete joke, there’s no doubt about it. But I’m happy that Bonds, Clemens and Sosa will never get in.

    Cheaters never prosper – G I JOEEEEEE

  9. Muchie Peachie
    Such Plus!

  10. I would have though some of the players who were on the bubble (Trammell, Raines, etc) would have gotten in this year now more of the “tainted players” are eligible. I was really hoping Trammell would have gotten enough votes this year. 1) Because I think he deserves it. 2) I firmly believe my Dad’s blood pressure will go down. Nothing gets him as enraged as when his favourite player gets snubbed year after year.

  11. Here’s why the “Biggio is not a first ballot hall of famer” thing is ridiculous.

    Next year, presumable those writers who believe Biggio is a hall of famer, just not a first ballot hall of famer will consider him more strongly. The problem is the ballot is exactly the same, only you add Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddux.

    So next year, these are the people that are better than Biggio on the Hall of Fame ballot:

    Bonds, Clemens, Piazza, Thomas, Glavine, Maddux, Raines, Bagwell, Trammell. That is NINE players.

    So conceivably, someone who has no qualms about voting for steroid users, gives proper respect to Raines and Trammell and thinks just one other player is better than Craig Biggio will have no room for them on the ballot. I believe that will encompass quite a few people.

    For example, Joe Posnanski’s ballot had Biggio on it this year, as well as the 6 players on the previous list who were on the ballot this year. Joe Posnanski feels really strongly about Curt Schilling being more than a borderline hall of famer. I don’t believe Joe will have Biggio on his ballot next year.

    Things don’t really get much better after next year (especially if the writers are idiots about Thomas as well). Eventually Biggio may lose his momentum, fall off people’s ballots and be forgotten and just never get in. And this is all because some writers think he deserves to wait a while to get into the hall of fame, despite them thinking he’s actually a hall of famer.

    -End rant-

  12. This is infuriating, disgraceful, and in my opinion beyond saving. I would very much like to see them strip EVERYONE of their rights to vote and start over next year with a completely new group of voters, using different criteria to evaluate who is allowed to vote from this point forward. These old, angry, power-obsessed god complex pieces of garbage need to be told to fuck right off and die, I’m serious, this is the biggest load of bullshit I think I’ve ever seen in pro sports. You have by far the strongest class of candidates I can ever remember in any sport, and probably will ever see in my life time and these mother fuckers decide this is their big shot to make an example of baseball players and flex their fat, flabby arm muscles and shit all over everything they did for the game in the process.

    Who is deeming these senile cunts qualified to evaluate baseball players? because they write a stupid fucking story about the game every night? whats the difference between them and some random asshole who has season’s tickets or the MLB TV package? because they’re a WRITER? I want people from reputable scouting and evaluation agencies voting on this shit because they do it for a living, its their job, the writers have shown themselves to be incompetent when it comes to judging skill, ethics, morals – everything! did these guys all go to college?? I want to see some resumes.

    And who the hell are these jerks submitting blank ballots?? they shouldnt even be allowed to re-apply next year after, they need to be permanently banned and placed in a summer school program while the rest of us watch baseball, because they clearly forgot how to write an X with a pen somewhere along the line

  13. If it wasnt for the players & the game they play, these so-called sports writers would have no job, yet they are Judge & Jury when it comes to decide who is a HOF member.

    Bonds, the best pure hitter the game has ever seen. How many walks did he have that season? Mgrs were afraid of him. 7 MVP awards. That’s 7!!! & everyone is oooohing over Peyton Manning winning his 4th.

    Just like omitting Rush into the Rock Hall,(they agree now) is just as bad as omitting Bonds on first ballot. Shi Davidi & all you hypocritical, political, idiototical wake the FK up. Dont be part of the crowd, be a FKN leader.

  14. Maybe it’s just me, but I think When Bonds got intentionally walked with the bases loaded in a world series game, he was sealed as a legend. That, to me, carries more weight for the respect towards him and his place in history, then a bunch of old men clinging onto their last bit of influence.

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