These are not bad days to be a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Their team features two homegrown superstars in Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw. The new ownership group is spending money like it’s going out of style, throwing money at free agents like Zack Greinke and buying up bad Red Sox contracts at near full value.

Not content to do what’s necessary to bring a winner to Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers are using their considerable wealth to improve the fan experience at famous Dodger Stadium this year – more than bringing back Vin Scully, that is.

The return of the hexagonal scoreboard is a sure hit for long-time Dodgers fans, though the move to an enormous LED screen is sure to be the biggest difference most fans will notice. Additionally, the Dodgers will respond to fan complaints and add a massive new cellular antenna system for additional internet connectivity.

This is not insignificant. The Chief Technology Officer of MLB told an electronics conference today that MLB plans to have free wifi in all 30 stadiums by 2014. When AT&T Park in San Francisco ranks as the fifth most Instgram’d place on Earth, this must be considered a step in the right direction.

This is what money gets you. Massive upgrades to an already revered stadium. The Red Sox smartly upgraded Fenway Park to within an inch of its life over the last decade, capitalizing on their cozy ballpark by creating new revenue streams at every turn. The Dodgers aren’t in the business of throwing good money after bad, they expect to see this investment returned in short order. Beats signing Josh Hamilton for five years.