Everybody’s favourite duo at Foxsports, Kenny and Jon Paul, have revealed to the world that Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton has rejected a trade to the Seattle Mariners.

No other names involved in the proposed deal have been or likely will be revealed, but the very fact that this information is out there suggests it is only a matter of time before the 25-year old 2-time All-Star will be moved to a different team. Upton is under contract for $38.5 million over the next three years.

Despite the moved-in fences in Safeco Field, it appears it will take a little more than back-to-back-to-back last place finishes in the division to sway the tastes of a player of the calibre of Upton. It’s almost as if he didn’t even hear about the Jason Bay signing!

Upton posted a .280/.355/.430 line with a .341 wOBA, 108 wRC+ and 2.5fWAR last season, and had a career year in 2011, where we posted a fWAR over 6. Ken and JP also mention the Braves as a possible suitor, having already signed Justin’s brother Bossman Junior earlier in the year.

{stats via fangraphs, duh}

UPDATE: Jerry Crasnick is here to speak in absolutes and make me feel silly for ever writing this post in the first place.

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  1. Have two brothers ever played on the same major league team?

  2. really?? Red Sox and Cubs are on that list along with the Blue Jays?? This guy is a joke. I hope they trade him to the Padres

    • I was a little miffed that he has the Jays on the NTL but that was erased when I saw he also had the RedSox on it. Fuck Boston!

  3. F……. Upton….

    • Don’t be naive and think no-trade lists about disliking a city or team. Please.

      • Its not just that…. As tempting as Upton’s potential is – I wasn’t on the bandwagon on giving up 3 or 4 big prospects for him. At the time, I wanted Blue Jays to bring in a big left-handed bat instead.

        I see him like his brother – worlds of talent that comes up short

        • Except that he’s younger, MORE talented, more consistent, and has done more in his short time in the majors

  4. The no trade list is quite often just used for bargaining purposes with most of the high-revenue teams being placed on a players lists.
    It gives them the leverage of blocking a trade unless the team negotiates a big $$ extension. And who wants to play for the Mariners?

  5. I know it probably doesn’t even make much sense with the Jays roster as it now stands… but I want that guy on my favourite team so baaaaad.

  6. The no-trade list makes perfect sense with those four teams – likely the most likely suitors with the exception of the Rangers. Block a deal to any four of those and you ensure that if they are serious about trading for you, you can ensure a long term deal.

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