If you had told me that one of two baseball films released within a year of one another would be centered around themes of racism, I would have figured it to be the Clint Eastwood one. Fortunately, the baseball film starring Clint Eastwood was a steaming pile of excrement. Now this, Bryan Helgeland’s Jackie Robinson biopic titled “42″, looks like it will pack a punch for the movie going set.

Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey! There was a point, about midway through the trailer, where I said to myself “I sure hope this doesn’t cop out and run a Jay-Z track at the end”. Welp. “42″ opens on April 12.

Via GeekTyrant

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  1. Chris Keller! I’m sold.

  2. One sec… there’s something in my eye.


  4. Take my money. TAKE IT

  5. His 1949 season was just crazy, absolutely crazy

  6. Oh man. Those MTL Royals jerseys…

  7. Looks interesting, however that is nothing like what Jackie Robinson sounded like AT ALL. Think TONY GWYNN.


  8. The movie looks great. These biopics are often hit/miss but I hope that most of it can be validated with proof. With JKent’s observation I am a bit sad that they couldn’t get that part right.

    What’s the matter with Jay-Z, though? Lighten up, white people.

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