After some rumblings out of the MLB owners meetings that Bud Selig will have a major announcement later today, Jon Heyman looks to have spilled the beans. Random, in-season HGH blood testing is coming to a clubhouse near you!

Of all the performance enhancing drugs, the effects of HGH are the most contentious. Maybe it does something, maybe it doesn’t. A cynic might suggest any willingness from the MLBPA to submit to HGH testing tells you all you need to know about its benefits.

Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic believes players will be tested three times during the season, an unprecedented move among professional sports leagues. At worst, this is a big-time PR win for baseball. The union looks like they want to “clean up the sport” and Selig and his cronies get to pretend they are interested in the integrity of the game.

What they’re really worried about is consumer confidence. The Hall of Fame shitstorm suggests a great deal of antipathy for drug-addled goons blasting home runs through fuzzy memories of a bygone era.

Getting tough on drug testing now might look more like the barn door closing after all the juiced-up horses are halfway to Tibet, but the door needs closing regardless. Selig gets a feather in the cap of his ultimate legacy as commissioner who allowed then finally clamped down on the Steroid Era, once and for all1.

1 – Nope.