To be fair, they aren’t actually mukluks (probably Sorrels). But it is -21 Celcius in Sasktaoon right now (feels like -27!), so Colby Rasmus is well within his rights to bundle up. A native of Alabama and resident, I believe, of the Florida Panhandle, we can safely assume Mr. Rasmus doesn’t have a great deal of experience with minus two Fahrenheit.

When it comes to his hair, well, he is on his own on that front.

Comments (22)

  1. Daaaannng….Colby dun got himself some purdy locks.

  2. Isn’t that the guitarist for Mudhoney?

  3. Oh god. Colby da best.

  4. Christine Sinclair???

  5. There is a person in everyone’s high school yearbook that looks identical to Colby in that picture.

  6. AA puttin on baby weight??

  7. AA looked pretty chunky at the Dickey presser. Stress eating, perhaps?

  8. I hope Colby does good this year, if only so he can continue being my favourite Jay while giving me a reason that others might understand.

  9. Love those locks. His corn rows are going to be epic this year.

  10. Colby hasn’t gotten a haircut since he came to the jays right?

  11. Colby & JP in blue, Tony & Drew in white.
    What does it mean?

    Tell the landing party I’m too sick to join them – “Cupcake”

  12. Colby sort of looks like a winter version of Michael Jackson.

  13. Do you suppose Colby’s mukluks are laced with genuine Saskatchewan sealskin bindings?

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