Scott Boras knows what he’s doing. He plays us all for chumps, weaving his words around the facts until the entire team is just a snug narrative sweater. It was the plan all along, he swears! Except…

As previously discussed on Getting Blanked, some industry folks believe Scott Boras is feeling the squeeze of the new CBA. Can he get Rafael Soriano paid? Can he get Michael Bourn paid? This is the game and Scott Boras plays it better than anyone.

The market is set for Bourn and Soriano – do any suitors remain? This is the challenge for Steakmaster Boras. Find matches for his clients at or above the prices already set by the existing market. A mere mortal agent might struggle to conquer such a tall task. But Boras? There is no stopping him – of this I am confident.

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  1. Lohse is a Boras client, too. Lotta steaks that guy has.

  2. And when left on too long – they become a hamburger

  3. Does anyone think that Boras is not dumb enough to believe he could get a better deal for Soriano and just jumped at the chance to do the Yankees a ‘favour’ when the player in question asked about opting out? It’s always nice to have the Yankees owe you a favour when they’re the ones that are about to pay off your next big deal (Cano).

    Completely unethical, but agents… aren’t… ya know… very ethical.

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