Almost half a million votes were cast for the opportunity for seven players to be voted by fans to be on the cover of MLB 13: The Show, and to the surprise of even the man himself, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen is your winner.

The final voting numbers:

Andrew McCutchen: 108,148
CC Sabathia: 89,056
Miguel Cabrera: 76,740
Matt Kemp: 72,467
Bryce Harper: 42,542
Buster Posey: 31,508
Ryan Braun: 13,153

Last season, Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox was on the cover, although this year was the first time it went to a fan vote.

Comments (10)

  1. While I’m sure he’s actually grateful, I can’t help but read that tweet in a sarcastic voice.

  2. I guess everyone in Milwaukee was passed out over the last week.

  3. Actually, Joey Bats was on the cover of the Canadian release for the game last year; not sure if there’s going to be a separate cover for the Canuck version this year.

    Still, pretty impressive that McCutchen got the nod…if I’d have voted, probably would have selected Buster…

  4. How did Trout not make this list?????

  5. I could deal with McCutch on the “Canadian” version, but wouldn’t complain if they just re-issued the Bautista cover for ’13.

  6. So glad Posey didn’t make this. HA HA

  7. Suppose to be a Canadian cover again, just not sure its still going to be Bautista

  8. If they do a separate cover for Canada this year, I think it only makes sense that Votto gets this one. IMHO.

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