Somewhere near the top of my “things I did not expect to see” list was a tweet announcing J.P. Arencibia of the Toronto Blue Jays participating in the World Baseball Classic. Wow. Wow?

It isn’t that Arencibia is a bad choice, just a peculiar one. Putting on my speculation hat, my wandering mind wonders if there is a connection between Arencibia’s inclusion and R.A. Dickey‘s role with the team. While JPA hasn’t caught Dickey in a professional capacity, the two Tennessee residents did get some reps a few weeks back.

I mean, it isn’t as though Team USA manager Joe Torre can afford to put Josh Thole on the team, can he? Maybe he just did! MAYBE I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND?!

Anyway, great news for Arencibia, who represented the US at the 2005 and 2006 World University Championships. He likely plays behind Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers, named to the team last week.